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Environmental Services

Facilities Services

Available Services

Carpet Cleaning

We provide routine carpet cleaning and spotting. We use our own equipment and technicians in most cases. However, when workloads are high and/or particularly difficult we will bring in outside services. To request this service please Submit a Work Request or call us at 214-828-8252.

Custodial & Routine Cleaning Services

We provide routine cleaning services on a daily basis five days per week. Due to the nature of the operation of the facility most of this work is performed at night. However, certain areas and functions are such that day cleaning is required. We do our best to make sure that you will find your area clean and well maintained on a consistent basis. Try as we do, occasionally we miss the mark. Should we fall short of your expectations please give us a call or Submit a Work Request and we will get you taken care of.

Hard Surface Floor Stripping & Refinishing

The tile floors within the facility are on a schedule to be stripped and refinished on an annual basis. However, there are some areas where traffic is such that once a year is not enough and others where it is more than enough. Additionally, people moving into or out of an office will usually require floor stripping. In the event that you are aware of an area or event that will necessitate floor work please Submit a Work Request.

Minor Drain & Toilet Stoppages

In situations where there is a minor stoppage (one where water damage is not eminent) we will assist with a plunger and/or mop. On the other hand, if you can see that there is a major problem please contact the Maintenance Department or Submit a Work Request.

Paper Towels, Tissue, & Hand soap for Restrooms

Paper products and hand soap are replenished by both day and night cleaning operations. However, certain days, functions, and times place demands on these supplies that cause them to be prematurely depleted. Should you encounter a situation where either supplies are depleted or the restrooms are messy please call it to our attention and Submit a Work Request.

Recycling Services

BCD participates in a recycling program through a join effort with BUMC. Blue recycling containers for paper and soft drink cans are placed throughout the facility. Please place recyclable paper and cans in these containers for collection by our staff.

Trash Removal

We routinely make trash collections throughout the day, Monday through Friday. This includes both regular and red or biohazardous trash. In the event that you feel this is not meeting your need please contact us. In some instances we have found it necessary to use larger trash receptacles to avoid multiple collections. Routine trash service does not include sharps containers. Sharps containers will be picked up for incineration upon your request. Additionally, we do not provide sharps containers as each department is responsible for their own.

Window & Glass cleaning

We employ a contract service for window cleaning. This service is scheduled to provide cleaning for all interior and exterior glass within the facility twice a year. On the other hand, we do perform spot cleaning and full service glass cleaning for the entry glass.

After Hours Services

For emergency services after 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday call (214) 828-8252, or Monday through Friday after 11:00 p.m., or anytime on Saturday and Sunday, call Security at (214) 828-8335.