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Utility Failure

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Electrical Failure

In the event of a loss of normal power, the emergency electrical system will start within ten seconds.  BCD is fortunate in that it receives power through Baylor University Medical Center.  Consequently, BCD has the benefit of BUMC’s backup capability as well as its own emergency generator.  Therefore, it is unlikely that BCD would be without power for a long period of time.

The emergency power is tied to essential life support systems, emergency lighting, elevators, and the Simplex Fire and Life Control System.

Take Action

  1. Stabilize sedated patients.  Turn off all non-essential electrical equipment. 
  2. Call Facilities Services at 214-828-8250 during normal operating hours or Security at 214-828-8335 (pager: 214-582-7300) after hours to report power outage details.
  3. Staff should remain calm.  Locate flashlights, if necessary, and await instructions from your immediate supervisor.
  4. If utilities are lost in the Animal Resource Unit, follow their Standard Operating Procedure Hazard/Disaster Plans.

Loss of Water Service

Should water service be interrupted to your area, call Facilities Services at 214-828-8250 immediately.  In the event that service cannot be restored within a reasonable amount of time, Facilities Services will provide consumable and/or bottled water to crucial areas.

Medical Gas Failure (oxygen, nitrous oxide, nitrogen, vacuum, and compressed air)
Medical gas alarm panels are located in Oral Surgery, Facilities Services, and on the Building Management System computer.  These alarms will audibly signal any system failure. 

Should a failure of the medical gas system occur -  Take Immediate Action:

  1. At the first sign of failure, utilize portable gas bottles to stabilize patients.  Every department that uses medical gas should maintain actively charged portable bottles. These bottles must be easily accessible.  It is the individual department’s responsibility to make sure that actively charged portable bottles are present.
  2. When a patient’s life and/or safety is at risk due to a medical gas failure, contact the Advanced Life Support Team at extension 2299.
  3. Have someone in the affected area report the system failure to Faclities Services at 214-828-8250.  Do not leave patients unattended while reporting the failure.
  4. For compressed air and/or vacuum failures, call Facilities Services at 214-828-8250.  Physical backup is maintained two and three levels deep and these services should be restored momentarily.