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Alert the Security Officer at 214-828-8335 (pager: 214-582-7300), the Environmental Health & Safety Manager at 214-828-8301 or Facilities Services at 214-828-8250 if a tornado has been sighted in the BCD area or a tornado warning is heard from a reliable source.

A tornado watch means the conditions are favorable for tornado formation.

A tornado warning means a tornado has formed and has been sighted.

Personnel from one of the offices listed above will activate the tornado warning announcement from the Simplex  Fire and Life Control System.

If a tornado warning has been issued in the BCD area, use the following procedures:

  1. If inside, evacuate offices and areas containing windows.  Move to shelter in one of the following areas by using the stairwell exits.

    Student Laboratories 3, 4, and 30
    Lecture Halls 6, 134, and 211
  2. Patients under anesthesia should be removed to the nearest interior room.  Remain with patients until the all clear message is announced.
  3. If outside, seek shelter in a building.
  4. Remain in place until the all-clear message has been given.
  5. If there is damage and/or casualties, remain in place until notified by Security or the Environmental Health & Safety Manager to leave shelter.