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  1. Facilities Services will initiate the internal disaster protocol upon the determination that water is breaching the facility at a level that represents a significant threat to life and safety of occupants or property.
  2. Emergency sump pumps located in the sub-basement will be activated to protect operating systems during flood conditions.
  3. All vital areas of the facility such as the main electrical vault, Telephone (PBX) Operations, and the emergency generator should be barricaded from water flow with sand bags located in Electrical Room 8C.
  4. Flood door panels will be put in place for the main electrical vault and the dock door entry.
  5. Status report updates on flood conditions will be available on the BCD Emergency Announcement Telephone Line (214-828-8900).
  6. In the event that telephone service has been impaired, announcements will be made through the Simplex Fire Life and Safety Control System.  This system is tied to the emergency generator and is designed to continue working regardless of building conditions. Additional notifications will be made through other appropriate methods, ie., outside service providers. After evacuation has been accomplished, notification will follow via announcements on 214-828-8900, broadcast voice mail, and outsourced services where appropriate to keep people informed until telephone systems are restored.