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If you discover a fire, it is your responsibility to:
  1.  Rescue any patients or other persons from immediate danger.
  2.  Confine the fire; prevent it from spreading by closing doors and windows.
  3.  Alert the Security Office at 214-828-8335 (pager: 214-582-7300), and give the following information:
    1.  Your name
    2.  Nature of the problem (source, size, and type)
    3.  Floor number and room number
    4.  Telephone number from which you are calling
  4.  Fight the fire, if trained, by using the appropriate extinguishers.
  5.  Call the Dallas Fire Department at 9-911; and give the following information:
    1.  your name
    2.  nature of the problem (source, size, and type)
    3.  complete building name and street address (refer to bottom of page)
    4.  floor number and room number
    5.  closest street intersection (Gaston Avenue and Hall Street)
    6.  call-back number (do not stay at the phone if there is danger)

 Building Names and Street Addresses
 Baylor College of Dentistry
3302 Gaston Avenue
 Sciences Building
3221 Gaston Avenue
 Imaging Center 
3209 Nussbaumer Avenue


Evacuation Procedures – See Evacuation Procedures Section

NOTE: It is the responsibility of the Fire Warden and the Deputy Fire Wardens in each department to make sure that everyone is out and the doors are shut.

Fire Brigade Members

The Environmental Health & Safety Manager, Facilities Services, and Security personnel will:

  1. notify the Dallas Fire Department.
  2. check the HVAC system.
  3. check the emergency generators.
  4. meet the Fire Department and direct them to the public safety box and fire location.
  5. assist the Fire Department as needed.


  1. Crouch low to avoid smoke and heat.
  2. Avoid inhaling smoke and fire gases.
  3. Learn the location of fire extinguishers and exits.
  4. Report unsafe conditions to your immediate supervisor.