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External Communication

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It is the College’s responsibility to be forthright and timely in its communication with the College community (including its patients), the media, and the general public.

Decisions regarding communications will be guided by the College’s concern for the right to privacy, personal security, legal liability and the public’s legitimate right to be informed.

ALL MEDIA and PUBLIC inquiries will be referred WITHOUT COMMENT to the Office of Communications and Development at 214-828-8214 or the Office of the Dean at 214-828-8201. Only the official spokesperson and an alternate, upon the authorization of the Dean, will communicate the College’s position.

Communications and Development will:
  1. Address the information needs and/or demands of those who may converge upon the College, including: news reporters, concerned families and friends, area residents, idle spectators, and local elected officials.
  2. Attempt to control the situation by initiating communication of the facts of the crisis situation to the public in a timely manner and provide regular updates.
  3. Try to communicate with internal groups (faculty, students, staff and patients) first and then external groups (including reporters) or communicate with these groups simultaneously.
  4. Be forthright and honest.
  5. Try to accommodate the logistical needs of the media.
  6. Correct inaccurate information that groups may have and dispel misperceptions about the emergency.
  7. Contact Research and Graduate Studies for animal related matters or address the situation within Communications and Development.