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Evacuation Procedure

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If evacuation from an area is necessary, use the following procedures:
  1. Contact Security at 214-828-8335 (pager: 214-582-7300), the Environmental Health & Safety Manager at 214-828-8301, and Facilities Services at 214-828-8250 and alert them of the situation.  They will determine the extent of the evacuation.  Notification will be made based upon the best available system depending on the severity and type of incident.
  2. In case of fire, personnel on the fire floor, one floor above and one floor below will be evacuated.  Evacuation of the entire building will be initiated only on the order of the Command Center Lead Person, or the Dallas Fire Department, or automatic process of the Simplex Fire and Life Control System.
  3. All personnel will move to lower floors using the stairwell exits.  Do Not Use The Elevators.  Walk patients and visitors down the stairs, providing assistance if needed.  Additional personnel will be assigned to assist with the evacuation of personnel as needed.
  4. All employees must study the floor diagrams posted next to the elevators and know the location of all exits near their work area.  More detailed diagrams are contained in the Fire and Emergency Evacuation Plan.