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Civil Disturbances / Demonstration

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Immediately notify Security at 214-828-8335 (pager: 214-582-7300). They will evaluate the situation and will contact the appropriate administrators, including the Dean’s Office at 214-828-8201, Communications and Development at 214-828-8214. Security will notify the Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies ( 214-828-8322) if appropriate.

If a demonstration reaches a point where there is potential danger to individuals or where possible violations of the law exist, Security will notify the Dallas Police Department, and the Baylor University Medical Center Public Safety Office at 214-820-4444.

All contact with the news media (TV, newspaper, radio) will be coordinated through the Office of Communications and Development.


External Demonstrations (demonstrations outside of the building or off of BCD property, but in the immediate vicinity of the College).

  1. Security will assess the risks of the demonstrators.
  2. Administration will decide if the building needs to be secured and if the Dallas Police Department needs to be notified.  All departments will be notified in the event that the building must be secured.
  3. Any requests for information by news reporters, concerned families and friends, area residents, idle spectators, and local elected officials should be referred to Communications and Development at 214-828-8214
  4. If an evacuation is required, all departments will be notified and the route will be determined by Security, Facilities Services and/or the Dallas Police Department.  Circumstances will determine the appropriate evacuation routes and procedures.


Internal Demonstrations (demonstrations within the building or on BCD property other than public sidewalks).

  1. REMAIN CALM and do not attempt to intervene.
  2. Notify Security immediately at 214-828-8335 (pager: 214-582-7300) and provide that office with the following information:
    1. Approximate location of demonstration
    2. Estimated number of people involved in demonstration
    3. What appears to be the demonstrator’s issue (cause for demonstration)
  3. AVOID engaging in discussions or attempting to negotiate with protesters.  Wait calmly for Security to arrive.
  4. Security staff will assess the situation and notify the Administration.  Administrators will determine whether the Dallas Police Department should be notified.
  5. Departments will be instructed as to which areas to avoid until the situation is under control.
  6. DO NOT make any calls or statements to news reporters or media outlets and do not respond to media requests for information.  Those issues will be referred to at Communications and Development at 214-828-8214.