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Bomb Threat

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If you receive a bomb threat, REMAIN CALM!


Telephone Threats

  1. LISTEN CLOSELY to the caller.
  2. OBTAIN INFORMATION listed on the Bomb Threat Checklist (see next page).
  3. Inform the caller that the building is occupied (if applicable) and that the detonation of a bomb could result in the death or serious injury to many innocent people.
  4. Note if the caller has knowledge (floor plans, clinic locations, etc.) of the College.
  5. If possible, note whether the call is originating from within the College or from an outside line.
  6. Immediately CALL SECURITY at 214-828-8335 (pager: 214-582-7300) and NOTIFY YOUR IMMEDIATE SUPERVISOR.
  7. Give the completed Bomb Threat Checklist (see next page) information to the first police and/or security officer at the scene.

Written Threats

Call the Security Office at 214-8288335 (pager: 214-582-7300) immediately and notify your immediate supervisor.  AVOID UNNECESSARY HANDLING of the note and keep it in a safe place until campus security officers and/or police officers arrive.


The Bomb Search

It is the policy of Baylor College of Dentistry to consider all bomb threats serious. Security will immediately notify the Dallas Police Department at 9-911 and Baylor University Medical Center Public Safety Office at 214-820-4444.  An immediate search of the endangered area will be initiated to determine if a bomb threat exists.

  1. The Dallas Police Department, Security and Environmental Health & Safety will coordinate the bomb search.
  2. Search teams will consist of police officers and/or safety officers and employees of the area involved.
  3. DOORS AND WINDOWS (THAT CAN BE OPENED) SHOULD BE OPENED and left open for the duration of the search.
  4. If a suspicious object is located, the searchers WILL NOT TOUCH OR MOVE the object.  Notify the police, security and/or safety officers on the scene.
  5. Evacuation decisions will be made by the Senior Administrator on the scene. Evacuations will be conducted in accordance with the Evacuation Procedure section (see page 3 of this guide).



TIME:                                                                                            DATE:

1.  When is the bomb set to explode?
2.  Where is the bomb located?  Be as specific as possible.
3.  What kind of bomb is it?
4.  What does the bomb look like?
5.  Why did you place the bomb?
6.  Where are you calling from?
7.  __ Male       __ Female      Accent:
8.  Caller’s Name:
9.  Address:
10. Phone Number:
11. Any background noises?
12. Actual words stated by caller:
13. Telephone number that threat was received on:
14. Your Name:              Position:

Call the Security Office at 214-828-8335 (pager: 214-582-7300) and notify your immediate supervisor.

Give this checklist information to the first police or security officer to arrive.