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2015 Faculty Retreat features TAMU

The merger between Texas A&M University and the Texas A&M Health Science Center is complete, and with it comes new opportunities and challenges. As a result, the TAMBCD faculty development committee deemed it prudent to make faculty aware of some of the changes.

 On January 8, thanks to legal experts and administrators from TAMU, TAMHSC and TAMBCD, the 2015 Annual Faculty Retreat goal of heightening faculty awareness of some post-merger actions, policies and guidelines was realized.  

Speakers and Topics

Dr. Jack Long set the tone for the meeting with a description of activities leading up to the revision of student due process procedures. Attorney Jerry Brown of the Office of General Counsel at TAMU brought real life experience on legal tenets of due process in the academic environment with input from Joe Galvan, managing counsel, health affairs, TAMHSC.

Three speakers addressed academic and disciplinary due process:

  • Tim Powers, director of the Aggie Honor System Office, TAMU, explained the memorandum of understanding regarding student academic integrity.
  • Dr. Anne Reber, dean of student life at TAMU, elucidated on student conduct.
  • Dr. Charles Berry, associate dean for academic affairs at TAMBCD, discussed academic appeals.

More real-life issues related to harassment and Title IX infractions was presented by Kristen Harrell, associate director, Office of Student Life, TAMU.

The committee was pleased to offer once again a retreat highlight, the Dean’s State of the School message. TAMBCD Dean Larry Wolinsky regaled the participants with the college’s accomplishments and future plans.

Faculty Awards

Finally, the retreat wrapped up with the presentation of faculty awards by Dr. Lavern Holyfield, director of faculty development.

The recipients for 2015 are 

  • Teaching Excellence Award – Dr. Darren Roesch
  • Distinguished Teaching Award – Dr. K. Vendrell Rankin
  • Basic Science Faculty Research Award – Dr. M. Douglas Benson
  • Institutional Service Excellence Award – Dr. Stephen Crane
  • Excellence in Clinical Teaching Award (FullTime) – Dr. Jennifer Barrington

Retreat Presenters: Dr. Larry Wolinsky, Joe Galvan, Jerry Brown, Dr. Anne Reber,
Kristen Harrell, Tim Powers, Drs. Lavern Holyfield, Charles Berry and Jack Long.

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