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Student Government

Student Council

The purpose and objectives of the Council are to represent the student body to the faculty and administration; to coordinate, evaluate, and to present suggestions and problems arising in the laboratories and clinics; and finally, to propose any change which might result in mutual improvement for the school and the students.

Each dental and dental hygiene class elects three officers to serve on Student Council.  This group meets once a month.  The Dean, Associate Deans and the Director of Student Affairs attend these meetings providing a bi-directional flow of information.

HSC Student Government Association

Delegates from the dental and dental hygiene programs are elected by Student Council to serve on the SGA.  The SGA promotes communication between HSC administration, component schools, and the student body from each HSC campus. 

Chancellors Student Advisory Board

The mission of the Chancellor's Student Advisory Board of the Texas A&M University System is to provide representation for the diverse students of The Texas A&M University System, to act as a liaison between the Texas A&M University System leadership and students, to enhance communication among students of the system institutions and to educate and stimulate student involvement in student affairs.

Student delegates representing the Health Science Center serve on this Board.  The President of the Health Science Center appoints these delegates.

The Associate Dean and the Director of Student Affairs nominate a student from the Texas A&M University Baylor College of Dentistry Student Council to the President of the Health Science Center.