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Student Financial Aid

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Student Financial Aid is located in Room 515

  • Ms. Kay Egbert, Director of Student Financial Aid  214-828-8236
  • Ms. Liz Lester, Assistant Director of Student Financial Aid  214-828-8236

Staff in the Student Financial Aid Office help students identify, receive and manage various sources of financial assistance necessary to fund their educational and living expenses.   The director and assistant director are available to counsel students regarding:

  • the costs of their education
  • eligibility for and sources of financial aid
  • budgeting
  • debt management and consolidation options 

Staff processes all financial aid applications in accordance with established policies and procedures.   The College participates in Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) to facilitate disbursement of funds to students. 

Specific information on grants, scholarships, and loans, along with application guidelines, is provided to incoming first year students prior to matriculation and again during orientation week and is also available on the website at www.tamhsc.edu/education/finaid.   Counseling continues throughout the educational program.   Alumni may contact the Student Financial Aid Office for information on consolidation or other questions regarding management of their loan programs.