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Dr. Grace Snuggs

Grace Snuggs, DDS

Assistant Professor
Department of Restorative Sciences

3302 Gaston Avenue
Dallas, Texas 75246
Phone: 214-828-8370
Email: gsnuggs@bcd.tamhsc.edu

Education and Post-Graduate Training

D.D.S.  (Doctor in Dental Surgery) - University of Panama-School of Dentistry
Panamá City, Panamá
Aug 1992-Aug 1997

B.S. Maria Immaculada College, Panama City, Panama
Dec 1990

GPR Residency GPR (General Practice Residency)
University of Mississippi-Medical Center 2003-2004

AEGD Residency AEGD (Advanced Education in General Dentistry)- Chief Resident
University of Mississippi-Medical Center 2004-2005

Teaching Interests

Assistant Professor                           
Baylor College of Dentistry, Restorative Sciences
Dallas, TX,  2006 - current                         

Private Practice                                
Smile Builders, Inc.- General Dentist
Canton, MS 2005- 2010

Private Practice
Dental Power, Independent Contractor for Military Bases

Chief Resident /Restorative Department University of  Mississippi
Assistant Instructor  
May 2005 – June 30th 2005 (10 h/week instructing students)

AEGD Residency            
AEGD/ GPR University of Mississippi
Chief – Resident Dental School 2003-2005

GPR Residency                            
VA Hospital –   Jackson MS 2004 – Chief Resident

General Dentist            
Specialized Dental Group (Private Practice)
Panama City, Panama 1997-2000

General Dentist                          
Public Health Dental Service
Panama Government Medical Center
1998-1999 (2 years of Public Health Service)

Research Interests

¨    IRB (CITI) Certification as biomedical researcher (use of human subjects on science) 2003-2010.
¨    Evaluation of the use of dental services at the dental department in Puerto Caimito 1994-1998. Nicolas Solano Hospital, Dental Department of Ministry of Health- Public Health, Jun 1999

Selected Publications

¨    Spanish Dentistry – Spanish Dental Terminology Class- BCD-HSDA 2006-2010
¨    Speaker for the Fellowship Review Course Exam -Operative– Academy of General Dentistry, 2006-2009
¨    Ground Rounds at University of Mississippi Medical Center, Seizures Management in the Dental Chair  by Dr. Grace Miranda, Feb. 2004
¨    Spanish Dentistry Seminar, AEGD/GPR program, University of Mississippi Medical Center.12 Hours to Residents and Faculty members. 2004-2005.
¨    Research and Evaluation of the use of dental services in Puerto Caimito1994 to 1998.  Dental Public Health Center, Nicolas Solano Hospital, La Chorrera, Panama, Jun 1999
¨    Biosafety in the dental profession.  Sponsored by Oral B, 1998
¨    Diagnosis and dental management of the bipolar patient.  Univ.of Panama School of Dentistry, 1997

Specialty Training/Board Certifications

United States – Mississippi, Board Licensed - Active  status by Board exam
United States – Texas, Board Licensed – Faculty License status
Panama – Republic of Panama, Board Licensed -Active  status

National Service/Recognition

¨    BCD- Teaching Fixed Prosthodontics – Sim Lab course, Clinical Operative, Dental Materials, Spanish Dentistry Class
¨    BCD- Past Teaching Experiences – Pre-Clinical Operative,  Dental Anatomy, Occlusion, Clinical Removable Prosthodontics
¨    AGD –Dallas Chapter Board Member 2006-2008
¨    HSDA-Baylor College of Dentistry Faculty Advisor 2006-20010
¨    Teaching Hours of Continuing education of AEDG/GPR programs UMMC 2004.
¨    Teaching Restorative Department in clinical lab to dental students. UMMC 2005.
¨    Teaching Assistance on Maxillofacial Department, Dental Emergencies Classes to D3, and D4 School of dentistry UMMC.2004
¨    Translator English-Spanish, Acute Dental Care (post operative instructions, consent forms) 2003
¨    Translator English-Spanish, patients on Dental Clinics  Hispanics non- English speakers 2003-2004
¨    Motivational Speaker for teenage Youth groups Church. Panama, Mississippi
¨    Volunteer General Dentist  for Misssion Trips (social aid associations and non-profit organizations (Lions Club, Kiwanis, Rotary Club, Club Activo 20-30, 1995-2002


¨    HDA – Faculty Advisor – BCD Chapter 2006-2010
¨    HDA – Lead Mentor and Trainer – Minority Dental Mentorship Program 2009-2010. (NIH Grant –NDA,HDA, NSAID Commission)
¨    AGD – Dallas, Texas Chapter- Board Office 2006-2008
¨    Coordination Committee Member, organized the Dental Congress and conferences held at the University of Panama School of Dentistry, 1992-1996
¨    Protocol Committee Director, University of Panama, Dental School Annual Meeting, 1996
¨    Scholar Program Coordinator, Public Health Department, Medical Center, Ministry of Health-West-Panama Region -Panama, 1998
¨    Scholar Program Coordinator, Public Health Department, Medical Center, West-Panama, Region- Panama, 1999
¨    Member of AGD, ADA, TDA, DCDC, SCD, HDA.