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Restorative Sciences

Restorative ClinicThe Department of Restorative Sciences at Texas A&M University Baylor College of Dentistry conducts multidisciplinary instruction, research, and patient care programs through its four divisions:

  • Operative Dentistry,
  • Fixed Prosthodontics,
  • Biomaterials Science,
  • Removable Prosthodontics.

Within these Divisions, the Department administers instruction in the sub-disciplines of Dental Implants, Dental Auxiliary Utilization, Dental Materials, Dental Anatomy, Dental Occlusion and Professional Ethics, in a series of courses spread throughout the first three years of the curriculum.

Preclinical and clinical educational programs operate within the context of the Simulation Clinic Laboratories and Clinics of the dental facilities on the third floor of the campus.

The educational goals of the successful restorative dental practice program include developing 1) competent restorative hand-skill levels in all of the respective divisions, 2) ethical dentist-patient relations, 3) professionalism in the practice of clinical dentistry, and 4) the ability to develop critical thinking and application to clinical practice.