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Archives:  Course in the Preparation and Analysis of Mineralized Tissue

Since 2009, the Department of Biomedical Sciences has offered a five-day course in the early summer to train the participants in the modern methods of mineralized tissue preparation for light and scanning electron microscopy.  This course is designed for research scientists, graduate students, postdoctoral fellows and histology technicians who use, or plan to apply, modern morphological techniques to study mineralized tissues.  Lecture-demonstrations are generally held in the morning and laboratory sessions in the afternoon.  During lunch, Baylor College of Dentistry faculty present their research, and participants have the opportunity to share their research projects.  Attendees can send specimens in advance to facilitate working on their own materials during the course.min tissue fig 1

The course topics typically include:

Undecalcified Tissues

- Proper perfusion and tissue fixation
- Usable specimen sizes
- Titanium implants in specimens
- Maintaining specimen orientation
- Making and handling methyl methacrylate
- Cutting paraffin and crystal sections
- Use and maintenance of Isomet saw and accessories
- Grinding, polishing and gluing sections on microscope slides
- Special stains
- Fluorescent analysis of mineralized tissues

Tissue Analysis Techniques
- Morphometrical analysismin tissue fig 2

- Measuring bone and tooth growth

Decalcified Tissues

- Microwave decalcification using the Pella Bio-Wave
- Immunohistochemistry

Resin-embedded SEM


Check our archives and read about the successful outcomes of past mineralized tissue courses!

For information, contact:

Connie Tillberg
PH: 214-828-8147