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Course Synopses 

EDHP 500 Teaching and Learning Theory (online) Credits: 3 hours

This course explores educational theories and practices foundational to classroom, simulation and clinical learning. Emphasis placed on practical application of teaching/learning theory in classroom, simulation, and clinical learning environments promoting the transfer of theory to practice. Students will demonstrate knowledge of teaching and learning theories impacting curriculum design relevant to the health care educator.

EDHP 501 Curriculum Design (online) Credits: 3 hours

This course will investigate various models of curriculum development and design based on educational philosophy and professional standards. Students will demonstrate knowledge of program development including scope and sequence, curriculum alignment, and mapping Program development through topic identification and generation of content outlines, objectives, and assessments are included in this course.

EDHP 502 Assessment & Evaluation in Education (online) Credits: 3 hours

This course will explore the practical and theoretical issues involved in evaluation student performance, teacher performance, and educational programs. Students will explore various means of performance-based assessments applicable to didactic, simulated and clinical learning environments. Students will examine a variety of assessment instruments and strategies and the role each has in both summative and formative evaluation process. The course will enable students to develop, execute and interpret educational assessments and evaluation methods.

EDHP 503 Teaching Strategies (online) Credits: 3 hours

The course examines best practices research on relevant instructional pedagogy and adult learning approaches. The course focuses on recommended principles, concepts and theories used in practice that create effective learning environments.

Teaching strategies responsive to diverse learning styles and needs of learners will be explored as well as reflective practices and self-assessment. The course will cover a variety of practical classroom, simulation, and clinical teaching strategies consistent with current evidence while emphasizing teaching methods using technology.

Healthcare Professional Interprofessional Core Course

HCPI 551 Healthcare: Quality Improvement & Informatics (online) Credits: 3 hours

The focus of this course is to advance the role of the healthcare provider in current and emerging technologies which influence quality improvement and decision-making within the health care environment. The students will evaluate outcome data using information systems to reduce risks and improve health outcomes and promoting patient-centered care. The student will examine direct quality improvement methods in the effort to promote culturally sensitive and safe health outcomes.

HCPI 552 Educational Scholarship: Integration & Application (online) Credits: 3 hours

The focus of this course is to advance the role of the healthcare professional in the utilization of new knowledge through scholarly inquiry, integration and application. The emphasis is on integrating theory and the research process into a systematic evaluation and application of evidence-based research. Ethical conduct of research will be emphasized. Qualitative and quantitative methods will be explored. Synthesis, development, and implementation of the research process will be utilized to improve guidelines in healthcare practice, the health care environment and ultimately health outcomes.

HCPI 555 Leadership and Health Policy (online) Credits: 4 hours

This course emphasizes leadership skills while focusing on ethical decision making and effective working relationships within an organization. It prepares the health profession leader to intervene at the system level through the policy development process. Advocacy strategies to influence health and health care will be applied.

Dental Hygiene Required Courses

DH 5200 Education Research Credits: 2 hours

Students will develop the knowledge and skills necessary to be intelligent consumers and producers of educational research. A focus will be on conducting survey research.

BMS 5222 Applied  Statistics Credits: 2 hours

This course is an overview of applied biostatistics with an emphasis on oral health research. Training includes computer based instruction in data analysis using SPSS.

DH 5210 Special Care Patient Seminar Credits: 2 hours

Contemporary health care issues that affect the medical and dental needs of special care patients will be discussed. Students will develop a special needs patient project to present to other healthcare providers.

DH 5211 Clinical Case Study Credits: 2 hours

This course will help the student develop and apply the knowledge and skills necessary to develop a formal written presentation of a case study and submit it to a refereed journal.

BCD 505/506 Project or Thesis Credits: 3 hours

Project -- Students will assess the need for, plan, implement and evaluate a major project in their interest area. Includes a literature review, written report of their project and formally present and orally defend this project to the faculty.

Thesis -- Students will conduct original research on a topic in their interest area. Includes a literature review, data analysis and a formal presentation and orally defend their thesis to the faculty.

EDHP 504 Practicum Credits: 3 hour

This course focuses on the integration of education role theory and practice with socialization into the role of educator. It includes a faculty and preceptor-guided practicum with experiences in the application of the health profession's role as an educator in selected academic and healthcare settings. The course also includes experiences in the classroom as well as the clinical area (academic or staff educator) in nursing, medicine, dental, public health and pharmacy as desired by the health profession.

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