Ms. Wyatt

Clinical Assistant Professor
Caruth School of Dental Hygiene

3302 Gaston Avenue
Dallas, Texas 75246
Phone: 214-828-8922
Fax: 214-874-4525

Education and Post-Graduate Training

Leigh Ann Wyatt is a Clinical Assistant Professor at the Caruth School of Dental Hygiene.  She received her Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene from Texas A&M University Baylor College of Dentistry, a Master of Arts in Christian Education from Dallas Theological Seminary, and a Master of Science in Dental Hygiene Education from Texas A&M Health Science Center, Texas A&M University Baylor College of Dentistry. 

Ms. Wyatt provides continuing education courses on diabetes and oral health and motivational interviewing for improved patient outcomes.  Her educational interests include diabetes, clinician-patient communication, and the role of social networking in dental hygiene education.  Ms. Wyatt teaches Preclinical Dental Hygiene and Health Education and Behavior Science.