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Study patientHow many people can say: “My spit saves lives!”
(You can!)

What? - Around 24,000 men and women are diagnosed with oral cancer in the US each year; and as many as 5,300 will die. Oral cancer patients know it affects all of life: eating, drinking, talking—even overall health.

Who? - We at Texas A&M University Baylor College of Dentistry are determined to fight this disease, and success requires research – along with people who volunteer to help.

Our research needs help immediately from people diagnosed with 1) oral cancer who have not yet begun treatment, 2) gum disease (periodontitis) or 3) oral lichen planus.

"I had oral cancer. I will do anything I can to help stop this dreaded disease!" - Baylor research donor

How? - It is very simple. Let us collect a one-time sample of your saliva (spit into a tube). It takes less than 30 minutes, and we will pay you or your favorite charity for helping. You will be helping save lives!

Potential Oral Cancer Salivary Biomarkers in Chronic Oral Inflammatory Diseases

IRB2013-0421, Texas A&M University Baylor College of Dentistry

What is the purpose of the study?

This study is to identify any oral cancer-specific biomarkers that show distinguishing changes in their levels only in oral cancer patients and not in patients who have only non-malignant chronic oral inflammatory conditions, such as gum disease (periodontitis) or oral lichen planus.

Who are eligible for this study?

We will need to collect saliva samples from three types of people: those who have oral squamous cell carcinoma; those who have moderate or severe gum disease and those who have oral lichen planus. Analysis of the saliva samples for a few particular components will be performed and the results will be compared among these three groups and a group of normal controls (people who do not have oral squamous cell carcinoma, moderate or severe gum disease or oral lichen planus).

What do I need to do if I participate in this study?

We will need to collect saliva samples once from each eligible patient between 6am and 11am. You will be asked to refrain from eating and drinking for at least two hours. You will be given a water mouthrinse before saliva sample collection. Five minutes after the oral rinse, you will be asked to spit into a 50ml tube. Approximately 5 ml of saliva will be collected within 30 minutes after the start time.

What benefit will I get by participating this study?

You will be compensated by $20 for your participation in this study. You will know that you have made an extremely valuable contribution to science, one that may help save lives and prevent much suffering.

Whom should I call if I am interested in participating in this study?

Please contact:

Lee Jordan
Research Assistant for Dr. Lisa Cheng
Diagnostic Sciences, Texas A&M University  Baylor College of Dentistry
TEL: 214-3707213; E-mail:

Texas A&M University Baylor College of Dentistry IRB Chair:

Dr. Emet Schneiderman
Biomedical Sciences
Texas A&M University Baylor College of Dentistry
TEL: 214-8288377

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