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Research Resources

The following instruments are available in the Department of Biomedical Sciences labs (links to pictures and web pages are provided for some equipment).

  • Leica TCS SP5 confocal microscope
  • Nikon epifluorescent microscope equipped for digital monochrome and color image analysis, an X-Y-Z encoded motorized stage, Pentium computer and Metamorph software, as well as a second Nikon microscope with a Sony DXC-390 camera and Bioquant NOVA software for bone histomorphometry.
  • Zeiss Axioplan microscope with a color digital camera for slides or print capture.
  • JEOL JSM-6010 scanning electron microscope
  • Additional resources include a dedicated Pentium attached to an HP flatbed scanner, Nikon LC-100 slide scanner, Kodak di-sublimation printer and Polaroid slide film recorder.
  • Scanco VivaCT 40 high-speed micro computed tomography system
  • MJ Research PTC-100 thermocycler
  • Stratagene MX4000 RT-PCR
  • Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer
  • Autopix 100 Laser Capture Microscope system
  • Leica DM6000B Laser Capture upright light microscope
  • Gibco BRL S2 sequencing system
  • Kodak image station
  • Nucleovision image station
  • Beckman L-60 ultracentrifuge
  • 2 Beckman J2-21 centrifuges
  • Eppendorph refrigerated centrifuge
  • Savant Speed-Vac S200 and lyophilizer
  • Labline shaking incubator
  • Packard Cobra auto-gamma counter
  • Packard 1900 TR liquid scintillation counter
  • Beckman DU-64 and DU-62 spectrophotometers
  • Molecular devices 96-well plate reader
  • 3 -80°C freezers
  • Tissue processor
  • Dedicated histology hood
  • Dedicated radiation hood
  • Glassware dishwasher
  • 4°C refrigerator (2)
  • UV crosslinker
  • ELISA plate reader
  • Power supply for gel assays
  • Gel running equipment
  • Homogenizers
  • Stir plates
  • RNA dedicated hood
  • Microwave
  • Tabletop centrifuge
  • Water baths
  • -80°C and -20°C freezers
  • Balances, basic and analytical
  • pH meter
  • Microcentrifuge
  • Drying ovens
  • Liquid nitrogen tank
  • Ice machine
  • 3 laminar flow hoods
  • Sterile guard hood
  • 5 CO2 incubators
  • Sorvall low-speed refrigerated centrifuge
  • Distilled water dispenser
  • 37°C shaking water bath
  • 2 Inverted microscopes
  • Microscope with camera attachment
  • 2 refrigerator/freezers
  • Becton Dickinson FACS Calibur
  • Double Coy anaerobic chamber
  • 2 laminar flow hoods
  • COincubator
  • Beckman GS-6R medium speed table-top centrifuge -80°C freezer
  • Large steam autoclave
  • Zeiss epifluorescence microscope with Nomarski optics.
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