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Community Connection

Scouts come to BCDSeveral members of Boy Scout Troop 380, based in Plano, came to HSC-Baylor College of Dentistry on Aug. 14 – not as patients, but to train for their dentistry merit badge.

Six Boy Scouts and one sibling Girl Scout spent their morning learning about dentistry in the continuing education lab and concluded with a tour of the college.

Scouts at BCDDr. Loulou Moore, associate professor in restorative sciences, taught the troop about gum disease, tooth decay, proper brushing techniques and the different fields within dentistry. A highlight for the scouts was casting pediatric molds and taking them home to keep. Two D3 students, Rob Cline and Sam Ellsworth (a former Scout himself), helped give the Boy Scouts personal attention during the hands-on activity and tour.

“I enjoy teaching so much, especially to the younger students,” Moore says. “They’re so curious and inquisitive.”