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Drs. Mari Koike and Toru Okabe attended the Society of Manufacturing Engineers’ RAPID 2009 conference May 12-14 in Schaumburg, Ill. They are co-authors of a presentation at the conference, “New design and production of customized dental implants.”

Koike M, Okabe T. Properties Characterization of cast Ti-Al-Cu alloys for dental applications. In: Gilbert J, ed. Medical Device Materials IV: Proceedings of the Materials & Processes for Medical Devices Conference 2007. 109-113. Materials Park, OH: ASM International, 2008.

Watanabe I, Aoki T, Okabe T. Grindability of cast Ti-6Al-4V alloyed with copper. Journal of Prosthodontics 18:152-155, 2009.

Larsen CM, Watanabe I, Glickman GN, He J. Cyclic fatigue analysis of a new generation of nickel titanium rotary instruments. J Endod 35(3):401-403, 2009.