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Puttaiah helps Russian standards

Puttaiah lends his expertise to Russian dentists

Puttiah in RussiaDr. Raghunath Puttaiah, associate professor in diagnostic sciences, traveled to Russia this summer as one of two Americans invited by the Moscow State University for Medicine and Dentistry to develop guidelines for treating HIV-positive dental patients and strengthening dental infection control in Russia.

“There are about 1.5 million HIV-positive patients in the Russian Federation needing dental care,” Puttaiah says. “The infection control and safety guidelines for Russia were written over 25 years ago, and the country is in need of developing state-of-the-art guidelines in dental safety.”

While in Russia, Puttaiah visited three dental schools. He also presented dental safety guidelines practiced in the United States and the recommendations he helped develop for India in 2007.

This high-level planning session was an international collaboration with Moscow State University, the American International Health Alliance, and the U.S. Agency for International Development, which provided funding. The rector, president, dean and associate dean from MSU attended the session, along with the head of USAID Russia and the president of the Russian Dental Association.

The four-day planning session also included developing new standards, including a curriculum in the treatment of HIV patients and in dental safety that will be taught in all Russian dental schools and provided as continuing dental education for practicing dentists. Because many nearby developing countries rely on Russia for medical education and health care, the effects of the revised standards will be far-reaching.

The leaders at MSU are exploring further collaboration with Puttaiah and HSC-Baylor College of Dentistry.

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