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Periodontics hosts dentists

Eighteen dentists from Mexico and Panama visited HSC-Baylor College of Dentistry this July to participate in two programs hosted by the Department of Periodontics. Dr. Francisco Rivera-Hidalgo, periodontics professor and research director, directed both programs.

The International Periodontics Symposium focused on the philosophy of treatment and practical cases in periodontics. Participants came from four dental schools in Mexico and Panama: Universidad de Guadalajara, Universidad Quetzalcoatl-Irapuato, and Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon in Mexico, and Universidad de Panama.

The second annual International Clinical Research Meeting featured several presentations about research. Speakers included Rosanna Ratliff, associate director of the library, and Dr. Lloyd LeZotte, an “honorary alumnus” of the Department of Periodontics. LeZotte has participated in numerous continuing education programs at HSC-BCD and internationally.

Latin American Dentists