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Texas A&M Health Science Center Baylor College Of Dentistry Employee Profile

pattersonAs environmental health and safety manager, Hiram Patterson works to keep the college safe. Known for his likability and strong work ethic, he is a dedicated employee and well-respected by his peers. Patterson is currently in the process of deploying to Iraq as a member of the reserve military.

Hometown: Decatur, Illinois

Place I'd like to live/retire: Dallas, with a winter home in Luxor, Egypt

Role model: President Ronald Reagan

Personal motto: Freedom Isn’t Free.

Best thing about my job or BCD: Working with such great people and friends

Career highlight: Having the opportunity to work at BCD for over 13 years

If I weren’t at BCD, I’d be: on an archaeological excavation somewhere in Egypt.

Life philosophy: Be as active as possible and never give up on learning something new.

Pet peeve: Incompetent and slow drivers

Favorite vacation destination: Egypt

Dream car: A Jaguar XF or a war surplus up-armored Humvee

Favorite hobby: High power rocketry

Word that best describes me: Detail oriented

Favorite comfort foods: Pillsbury cinnamon rolls and thick-cut pepper bacon

Something you might not know about me: I’ve served in the active/reserve military for nearly 28 years and am deploying to Iraq for a second tour.

Top two passions: My wife and the Second Amendment

What my colleagues say about me:

Dale Christensen, executive director of facilities services and planning: Hiram is a very dedicated, patriotic individual.  Although he may at times appear to be very quiet, his thought process runs deep and is well based. Hiram is a real asset to HSC-BCD as well as the country he serves.

Myra Spurgin, hematology technologist in diagnostic sciences: We often work with people for years before we see another side of them besides in the workplace. When Hiram was previously deployed to Iraq I had the opportunity to read e-mails and view photos of his experience as a commander with the Navy Reserve. He’s a loyal employee and a dedicated soldier who approaches every task with determination and humor. He’s a pleasure to work with, and many long-retired employees often ask me, “How’s Hiram?”

Jo Taylor, histologist and laboratory coordinator in biomedical sciences: I have been working with Hiram for many years. He keeps me safe here at school by checking my hood, fire extinguisher, dangerous-chemical storage, etc. Then in addition to his regular job, he serves the whole country whenever he is called. I asked him once if he resented at all having to leave his job and family to go to war. He smiled and said, “You shouldn’t wear the uniform if you’re not willing to serve when asked.” I really admire his calm, good-natured dedication to duty. We’re all better off for people like him.

Mike Young, facilities services manager: I personally have respect for anyone who can manage two careers – civilian & military – at the same time.