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Biomaterials Science


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Other news

Darla Benson joined the department Aug. 28 as an educational specialist. She previously worked at HSC-BCD from 2000-2004.

Dr. Jason Griggs left HSC-BCD to serve as professor in the biomedical materials science department at the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson, Miss., where he will take over the position of chair of the department in January.

Drs. Toru Okabe and Mari Koike were awarded $52,000 for a three-year investigation of the corrosion behavior of the dental magnetic attachment through Tohoku University from a Japanese government agency, New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Company.  

Debbie Roberts was promoted April 23 to administrative coordinator from administrative assistant I.

Biomedical Sciences


Hutchins B. An Interactive Color Atlas of the Human Skull. V 1.0. McBetty Publishing Co., 2007.

Other News

Dr. Robert Hinton has been selected as a member of the National Board Anatomic Sciences Test Construction Committee, administered by the American Dental Association’s Joint Commission on National Dental Examinations.  His term will begin January 2008. 

Dr. Bob Hutchins was a member of the Commission on Dental Accreditation site visit team at the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine Sept. 17-21.


Other News

Dr. Miles Beach is the new director of predoctoral periodontics.

The department welcomes Dr. Ben Meyrat as a full-time assistant professor in predoctoral periodontics.

Restorative Sciences


Dr. Ali Bolouri presented a continuing education course titled “Conventional implant supported complete denture fabrication” Sept. 14 at the Texas A&M Health Science Center South Texas Center in McAllen, Texas.