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Student Scene - November 2009

ADHA and Sunstar Brush Up! contest 2nd place winner Kate Steininger - Baylor College of Dentistry. Congratulations!  
Kate Steininger, a senior dental hygiene student, produced a children’s video for YouTube and snagged second place in a national contest last month.

Steininger entered the first-ever YouTube competition hosted by the American Dental Hygienists’ Association and Sunstar. For the contest, she and other students created a video that teaches kindergartners how to brush their teeth properly. All video entries were added to the video sharing Web site and the public was asked to vote for their favorites.

The video featured Steininger and a puppet, “George the Giraffe,” who sang a song about brushing. Using the puppet, an oversized toothbrush and a typodont she borrowed from the Caruth School of Dental Hygiene, Steininger also demonstrated proper brushing technique.
Steininger says George was inspired by watching children’s reactions to puppets at her current job at a pediatric dental clinic in Plano. The clinic introduces puppets to its young patients. Steininger, who currently is a dental assistant there, says she thought of those kids as she was creating her video.

Steininger’s four years at the Plano clinic already have helped her career. Interested in the dental field since high school, she joined the clinic’s staff initially as a secretary. She then moved up to an assistant position to “see behind the scenes” and determine how much she would like a possible career in dental hygiene. Her hunch was confirmed – she loved it and enrolled in dental hygiene school. Steininger says she’d love to stay on staff at the same clinic as a hygienist.

As the second-place winner of the contest, Steininger received $500 for her video. You can view it by clicking on the center of the video area above.