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Department News - November 2009

Department NewsBiomaterials Science

Dr. Mari Koike was invited to present her paper, “Application of titanium alloys for dentistry,” at the Materials Science Seminar Oct. 9 at the University of Tokyo Institute of Industrial Science.

Koike also gave the following presentations this fall:
  • Koike M, Okabe T. Titanium fabricated by electron beam melting system for dental applications. Presented at the general session of the Japanese Society for Dental Materials and Devices in Kagoshima, Japan, Oct 1-2.
  • Koike M, Okabe T. Electron beam melting for rapid prototyping of one-component biomimetic dental implants. Presented at Titanium 2009 in Waikoloa, Hawaii, Sept. 13-16.

Elshahawy W, Watanabe I, Kramer PR. In vitro cytotoxicity evaluation of elemental ions released from different prosthodontic materials. Dental Materials 25(12):1551-1555, 2009.

Koike M, Jacobsen D, Chan KS, Okabe T. Grindability of alpha-case formed on cast titanium. Dent Mater J 28(5):587-594, 2009.

Elshahawy W, Watanabe I, Koike M. Elemental ion release from four different fixed prosthodontic materials. Dental Materials 25(8):976-981, 2009.

Hirayama T, Koike M, Kurogi T, Shibata A, Nakamura S, Terano M, Yamabe Y, Murata H, Fujii H. Ion release from casts of commercially pure titanium in mixed solutions of organic acids contained in human saliva. J Jpn Prosthodont Soc 52:501-506, 2008.

Kramer PR, Janik-Keith A, Cai Z, Ma S, Watanabe I. Integrin mediated attachment of periodontal ligament to titanium surfaces. Dental Materials 25(7):877-883, 2009.

Other News
Dr. Toru Okabe attended the 2009 dentistry meeting of the International Organization for Standardization held Oct. 5-10 in Osaka, Japan. He served as the expert on amalgam and mercury for the United States. Dr. Koike also attended as a member of the U.S. delegation to the ISO meeting.


Dr. Peter Buschang gave the Angle Memorial Lecture at the 38th international biennial meeting of the Edward H. Angle Society of Orthodontists Nov. 6 in San Antonio. His topic was “Orthopedic changes of growing hyperdivergent retrognathic patients produced using miniscrew implants.” Buschang also was selected for honorary membership in the Angle Society (see story in honors and awards). Several other HSC-BCD faculty members also offered leadership roles at the conference (see story in HSC-BCD stories section).

Bell WH, Finn RA, Buschang PH. Accelerated orthognathic surgery and increased orthodontic efficiency: A paradigm shift. J Oral Maxillofac Surg 67:2043-2044, 2009.