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myHSC is all about you

The face and functionality of HSC-BCD intranet will change as the college transitions to the new Luminis Platform by Sungard. The new myHSC portal, as it’s called, will allow individual customization to meet the needs of the dental school’s students, faculty and staff.

Through myHSC, students will be able to access grades, courses and fees. Faculty will be able to see course responsibilities, post grades online and find funding opportunities. Staff will be able to obtain human resource forms, employment information and payroll data.

In addition to targeted content delivery, myHSC has many other features, including:

  • Group Studio - A message board and file sharing utility to promote the formation of online communities at the HSC.
  • Single Sign-On - Log in to Luminis, and you won't have to log in to other sites such as webmail, Blackboard, and more.
  • Event Calendars - Receive HSC-wide events as well as those from groups of which you are a member.
  • Customizable Content - Add your favorite RSS feeds, Web sites and other online content to your myHSC homepage.

To get more familiar with the myHSC portal, visit http://my.tamhsc.edu