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Dr. K. Vendrell RankinDr. K. Vendrell Rankin is attracted to the continuous challenges she faces as professor and associate chair of public health sciences at Texas A&M Health Science Center Baylor College of Dentistry.

Initially hired by HSC-BCD in 1977 as a primary clinician at a community dental clinic, Rankin has since held a number of positions at the college in the departments of diagnostic sciences and public health sciences.

Her responsibilities currently include serving as director of Baylor Tobacco Treatment Services, course director of Applied Public Health and principal investigator for extramural funded research and programs in addition to her departmental administrative duties.

“I would say Dr. Rankin's career and her contributions to dental education and the profession of dentistry have been characterized by a passion for the things she believes in, and compassion for those less fortunate,” says Dr. Daniel L. Jones, professor and chair of public health sciences. “She is a dedicated and caring instructor in the classroom and clinic, committed to making our graduates compassionate and knowledgeable professionals, always with their patients' best interests at heart.”

Rankin says she has remained at the college for so long because of the support she receives for her many interests and pursuits. (She jokes that another reason is because there is not a dental school in Carmel, Calif.)

In her personal time, Rankin enjoys cooking, reading, shopping and family time. Rankin and her husband will celebrate 30 years of marriage this month.

“I married my dental school classmate, Chuck Rankin,” she explains. “Without his support, love and unparalleled tolerance I could not have had a career and raised our two incredible children.”