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Employee Profile - May 2009


Dr. Charles Arcoria, executive director of continuing education and alumni affairs, spent one Saturday morning this May with Navy SEALs.

He, along with about 600 other people, competed in the Navy SEAL Fitness Challenge May 9 in Keller, Texas. The free Navy-sponsored event is traveling the country in an effort to encourage more physical fitness in Americans’ lives. They’ve brought their challenge to Atlanta, Los Angeles, Chicago and, most recently, Dallas/Fort Worth.

The challenge, open to anyone age 13 and older, tests athletes in a series of events similar to the initial physical screening given to prospective SEALs. Participants must:

  • Swim 500 yards
  • Rest 10 minutes
  • Complete two minutes each of push-ups, sit-ups and pull-ups
  • Rest four minutes
  • Run 1.5 miles

Arcoria not only completed the challenge; he met the SEAL standards in push-ups and pull-ups and came close in sit-ups and swimming. While his best event was the push-ups, he found the 1.5-mile run the most difficult because it came last.

Arcoria’s wife, Bunny, cheered on as he toiled through the challenge. During his sit-ups, Arcoria heard her loudly encouraging him on a megaphone, handed to her by a nearby drill instructor.

After the events concluded and the participants recovered, Arcoria and other athletes received a commemorative T-shirt. Arcoria thrived in completing the challenge.

“This was an invigorating experience for me,” says Arcoria, who has added the event to his accomplished fitness goals. “I am very fortunate that God has blessed me physically at 52 years of age in that he has allowed me to perform to this level in very good health.”

Arcoria has been a fitness enthusiast for the past nine years and enjoys running, swimming and resistance training. He also has developed a passion for nutrition over the past five years.

Arcoria-2“I am a firm believer in judicious physical fitness and, more importantly, in optimum nutrition,” Arcoria says. “Both in combination allow me to perform to my maximum ability in professional and personal endeavors.”
What colleagues say about Arcoria:

Dr. Paul Krupp, retired faculty member in restorative sciences: Dr. Arcoria doesn't command or demand respect, it comes to him naturally from all who work for him or with him. Whatever task he agrees to take on, he does so in a disciplined, committed and competent manner that produces excellent results and appreciation. Because of his personable manner, he is as equally comfortable teaching teachers as he is students. Everyone can look back over the many years of their own personal education and identify one singular individual who had an indelible positive influence on them. Dr. Arcoria is that type of an educator.

Dr. Burt Bryan, assistant professor in restorative sciences: I truly enjoy working with Dr. Arcoria because he is extremely organized, knowledgeable and caring. He brings out the best in his fellow faculty members and the student dentists.

David Meyer, Arcoria’s cycling coach: Dr. Charles Arcoria (a.k.a. Assistant Coach) is a first-class guy. I've known Dr. Arcoria for several years and he is an avid swimmer, runner and bicyclist. I like to call Dr. Arcoria a Lean Mean Athletic Machine because of his dedication to fitness and health. Dr. Arcoria spends a good amount of his spare time volunteering at church, participating in mission trips (hurricane damage repair efforts) and attending Bible studies. Last but not least, Dr. Arcoria is dedicated to his family. If you combine all these positive attributes with his mild-mannered temperament and dress him in a cape, he could easily be mistaken for Superman.