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Cindy Copeland

 Cindy Copeland

Cindy Copeland, accounting technician in financial services, is a high-energy, fun addition to the HSC-BCD staff. She always has a smile on her face, and her good-humored personality keeps everyone around her smiling, too.

Hometown: Austin, Texas

Place I'd like to live/retire: on the oceanfront…my own island!!

Role model: My grandmother, Lydia

Personal motto: Love, Peace and Joy (Choose love over fear, choose peace over conflict, choose joy over worry.)

Best thing about my job or BCD: hands down...the people!

Career highlight: yet to come…

If I weren’t at HSC-BCD, I’d …: have a water sports business on the beach.

Life philosophy: There are no accidents!

Pet peeve: negativity

Favorite vacation destination: on the beach with friends

Dream car:
a convertible sports car

Favorite hobby: having friends and family over to the house for a cookout and game night

Word that best describes me:

Favorite comfort food: Mexican

Something you might not know about me: I love to country-and-western dance!

Top two passions: family and friends

What my colleagues say about me:

Patricia DancingElk, administrative assistant in academic affairs: You can count on Cindy for many things – smiles, help, diligence, courteousness, encouragement, creativity – too many to name.  What you cannot count on her for is rudeness and expanded ego. It’s just not in her, and I am grateful for that. She has brought new ideas and forms to her position. She’s not one to just sit back and let things be as they are – thank goodness.

Did you know that Cindy is a massage therapist and alternative health practitioner?  Yep.  I have enjoyed working with her. 

Kay Duckworth, program coordinator in research and graduate studies: Cindy is one of the most sensitive, caring and nurturing people I know. She is always ready and willing to help, and does so with a generous spirit and attitude. She is always positive and upbeat and has personality and wit that put her in a class all her own. My only criticism of Cindy is that she just can’t make Chai tea as well as Julie (but she gives it her best shot when asked)!

Liz Lester, assistant director of student aid: Cindy has been such a wonderful addition to the HSC-BCD family. Her quick wit and humor keep us all on our toes! When I have asked Cindy for help with business office functions, if she isn’t the right person, she makes sure she finds the right person to help me. Working with Cindy on Staff Forum issues has also been a pleasure.

Gerald Woosley, dental laboratory technician in restorative sciences: What to say about Cindy?  Ms. Copeland is aggravatingly the most upbeat person I have encountered in my life.  Never see the girl that she isn't smiling.  Why is she so darned happy?  Because she is genuinely a great person, and a friend.