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Department News

Biomaterials Science


Dr. Mari Koike gave an oral presentation of the following paper at the 37th American Association for Dental Research Annual Meeting April 3-5 in Dallas:

Koike M, Guo Q, Ford JP, Okabe T. Mechanical Properties of cast Ti-Al and Ti-Al-Cu alloys. #0592

The following posters were also presented at the 37th AADR Annual Meeting:

Sato Y, Koike M, Krysiak A, Ford JP, Hosoi T, Okabe T. Effects of Al and Cu on mold filling of titanium. #0221

Koike M, Guo Q, Ford JP, Okabe T. Corrosion behavior of cast Ti-Al and Ti-Al-Cu alloys. #0222.

Watanabe I, Tanaka Y. Bonding characteristics of cast magnetic “keeper” to dental alloys. #0223.

Krysiak A, Koike M, Okabe T. Effect of casting force on mold filling of titanium. #0225

Jacobsen D, Koike M, Okabe T. Effect of grinding time on the grindability of cast titanium. #0226

Newton P, Watanabe I. Laser welding between cast pure titanium and titanium alloy. #0228

Bodine T, Cai Z, Ma S, Kramer P. Use of PDL in implant technology. #0270

Setien VJ, Koike M, Puttaiah R, Ajlouni K. Enamel-hardening properties of two dental pastes. #0926


Okabe T.  Development of titanium alloys for dental applications. Titanium Japan 56: 95-104, 2008.

Other News

Drs. Toru Okabe, Mari Koike, Ikuya Watanabe, Yohei Sato and Waleed El-Shahawy attended the 37th AADR Annual Meeting April 3-5 in Dallas. During the meeting, Koike organized and hosted the Dental Materials Group Reception. Dr. Zhuo (John) Cai served as an abstract reviewer and Koike served as a session chair.

Okabe attended the 51st General Session of the Japanese Society of Dental Materials and Devices held at Tsurumi University in Yokohama, Japan, April 26-27.

Biomedical Sciences


Dr. Lynne Opperman was invited to present the keynote speech at the 26th Annual Dental Science Symposium at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio on April 16. The title of her presentation was "Technology Transfer and the Student Inventor."

Dr. Kathy Svoboda and Dr. Wenli Yu (graduate student) attended the Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition Conference at Cold Spring Harbor, NY, March 17-20. Svoboda gave an invited presentation titled "Current evidence for EMT during palate development" and Yu presented the poster "The role of Twist, Snail and Gsk3b in palatal development."

Svoboda and Yu also attended the Experimental Biology meeting in San Diego from April 4-9 and presented the following abstracts:
Yu W, Svoboda KKH. Gsk3b in palatal development. FASEB Journal 22:984.4, 2008.
Svoboda KKH, Cline R, Cowan C. High-throughput assays for gingival fibroblast in vitro wounds treated with nicotine, and/or TGFβ1. FASEB Journal 22:582.4, 2008.

Dr. Avadhesh Sharma attended the Experimental Biology meeting in April where he presented a poster titled “Sepsis affects the expression of Syntaxin1A and Norepinephrine transporter in the myocardium,” co-authored by Padmalaya Das and Mani Chopra (graduate student). Chopra presented a poster titled “Norepinephrine (NE) modulates active caspase-3 expression and increase susceptibility of cardiomyocytes for voltage-stimulated deformation during sepsis,” co-authored by Das and Sharma.

Svoboda attended the Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology meeting April 26-May 2 in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., and presented the following abstract with her collaborators:
DeSantis AS, Hahn RA, Beloni J, Gerecke DR, Svoboda KKH, Gordon MK. “Doxycycline promotes healing in corneal injuries induced by half mustard (CEES).”

The following presentations were given at the annual meeting of the American Association for Dental Research in Dallas April 2-5:

Oral presentations:

Dr. Lynne Opperman (Invited Symposium Speaker): Endosseous Implant Placement in Augmented Bone Sites.

Dr. Mohammed El Salanty (Invited Symposium Speaker): Bone Transport Distraction Osteogenesis in the Mandible.

Dr. Paul Dechow (Invited Symposium Speaker): 3D Cortical Bone Structure and Mechanics.

Dr. Jerry Feng (Invited Symposium Speaker): Imaging Cell Processes in Hard Tissues.

Dr. Allen Honeyman: Heterologous Expression of the Streptococcus mutans Mannitol PTS Genes.

Dr. Phillip Kramer (Invited Symposium Speaker): Immune Receptor Contributes to TMJ Inflammatory Pain.

Dr. Jay Groppe: Homology Modeling and Crystal Structure Determination of BMP Receptor Kinases.

Dr. Jerry Feng: Distinguished Roles of DMP1 and FGF23 in Odontogenesis (co-authors: Yu S, Ye L, Jiang B, Xie Y).

Dr. Kristen Galler: Self-assembling Peptide Nanofiber Hydrogels Targeted for Dental Tissue Regeneration (co-authors: Yuwono V, Cavender AC, Dong H, Hartgerink JD, D'Souza R).

Dr. Avadhesh Sharma: Differential Expression of Gingival Apoptosis Markers in Aged Patients (co-authors: Das P, Bransford RW, Robinson SW, Chopra M, Kerns DG, Vastaidas S).

Poster presentations:

Summer Owens: Role of Notch Signaling in FGF2-regulated Condylar Cartilage Proliferation (co-authors: Ky C, Serrano M, So S, Hinton R).

Kayla Vaquera: PTH Stimulated Type X Collagen Deposition is MAP Kinase-dependent (co-authors: Loveless L, Harrington E, Svoboda K, Reed J, Spears R).

Baichun Jiang: DMP1 C-terminal Mutant Mice Recapture the Human ARHR Phenotype (co-authors: Xie Y, Sun Y, Qin C, Feng JQ).

Tao Peng: Functional Assays of Human Tooth-derived Stem Cells (co-authors: Cavender AC, Feng JQ, Qin C, D'Souza R).

Ying Wang: Functional Studies of Human PAX9 Paired Domain Mutations (co-authors: Wu J, D'Souza R, Kapadia H).

Sarah Pollan-White: Frequency of Common Polymorphisms A240PPAX9 and A34GMSX1 in Tooth Agenesis (co-authors: Mues G, Kapadia H, Schneiderman E, D'Souza R).

Trevor Bodine: Use of PDL in Implant Technology (co-authors: Cai Z, Ma S, Kramer P).

Vikram Gandhi: Distribution of SIBLING Proteins in Condylar Cartilage of Rat Mandible (co-authors: Sun Y, Maciejewska I, Hinton R, Qin C).

Rob Cline: 96 Well High-throughput Wound Assay for Cell Migration (co-authors: Cowan C, Svoboda KKH).

Jyoti Puri: Erα Increases Following Adjuvant-induced Inflammation in the Female Rat TMJ (co-authors: Hutchins B, Kramer P).

Johnny Reed: RT-PCR Examination of Proinflammatory Cytokine Levels in NPY Knockout Mice (co-authors: Davis ND, Jenkins S, Spears R).

Harold Kamara: Estrogen Effects on Signaling in Trigeminal Ganglion During TMJ Inflammation (co-authors: Stateson J, Puri J, Reuben J).

Dakota Davis: Neuropeptide Y Knockout Results in Altered TMJ Neuropeptide Levels (co-authors: Jenkins S, Priour P, Spears R).

Jonathan Stateson: Upregulation of C5aR Expression During TMJ Inflammation (co-authors: Kamara H, Puri J, Reuben J).

Lee Davis: Type IX Collagen Distribution in Human Periodontal Ligament (co-authors: Taylor RW, Reuben J).

Natasha Crespo: Bigylcan and Decorin Expressed in MEE Cells During Palatal Fusion (co-authors: Yu W, Kayne R, Svoboda KKH).

Joe Kayne: Egf Receptor Inhibitor sc-120 Disrupts Tgf-β2 Activity in Sutures (co-authors: Rawlins JT, Fernandez CR, Opperman LA).

Niyati Mehta: Comparison of Histology Techniques Used for Histomorphometry of Cranial Defects (co-author: Opperman LA).

U. Koeklue: Bioengineering of Dental Stem Cells in a 3-dimensional Fibrin Hydrogel (co-authors: Galler K, Cavender AC, Suggs L, Schmalz G, D'Souza R).

Amber Ansari: Nicotine Affects Anti-tumor Immunity Elicited by Therapeutic Vaccine (co-authors: Guinet E, Zeng M, Nouri-Shirazi M).

Cameron Cowan: Gingival Fibroblast In Vitro Wounds Treated with Nicotine and/or TGFβ1 (co-authors: Cline R, Svoboda KKH).

Sohail Dar: Different Transfection Methods for Human Bone and Dental Stem Cells (co-authors: Peng T, Cavender AC, D'Souza R).

Purvi Patel: Microstructural Correlates of Anisotropy in Human Zygomatic Cortical Bone (co-authors: Al-Aqeel S, Dechow P).

Uriel Zapata: Mechanical Properties of Mandibular Cortical Bone in the American Alligator (co-authors: Metzger K, Wang Q, Ross CF, Dechow PC).

David Mouritsen: Material Property Analysis in Craniofacial Cortical Bone of Small Mammals (co-authors: Dumont ER, Dechow PC).

Ben Morgan: Density and Material Orientation in Ape Craniofacial Cortical Bone (co-authors: Byron CD, Chalk J, Grosse IR, Lucas PW, Richmond BG, Ross CF, Slice DE, Smith AL, Spencer MA, Strait D, Wang Q, Wright BW, Dechow PC).

Sean Liu: Is the Lower Molar Eruption Adapting to Mandibular Displacement? (co-authors: Liu SSY, Buschang P).

Elly Zarchi: The Role of the HAND Genes in Pierre Robin Sequence (co-authors: Mues G, Wang Y, D'Souza R, Kapadia H).

Robyn Seaman: A NOVEL Mutation in Eda Causes X-linked Recessive Tooth Agenesis (co-authors: D'Souza R, Mues G).

Jinfeng Wu:  Identification and Functional Analysis of Two Novel PAX9 Mutations (co-authors: Wu H, Wang Y, Zhao HS, Zhang X, Feng H, Kapadia H, D'Souza R).

Akihiro Yasue: Analysis of Over-erupted Incisors in Twist-1 Deficient Mice (co-authors: Klein O, Cavender AC, D'Souza R).

Gabriele Mues: Investigating the Association of Ovarian Disease with Tooth Agenesis (co-authors: Pollan-White S, Chalothorn LA, Beeman CS, D'Souza R).

Isabella Maciejewska: DMP1 Fragments Distribute Differently in Bone, Dentin and Cells (co-authors: Svoboda KKH, Prasad M, Butler WT, Qin C).

Adriana Cavender: Bone-like Extracellular Matrix Enhances Osteoblastic Differentiation of BMSCs (co-authors: Pham QP, Mikos AG, D'Souza R).

Yao Sun: Study of SIBLING Proteins in the Dentin of Hyp Mice (co-authors: Zhang B, Maciejewska I, Qin C).

Shibin Yu: Distinguished Roles of DMP1 and FGF23 in Odontogenesis (co-authors: Ye L, Jiang B, Xie Y, Feng JQ).

Shankar Venugopalan: Novel Expression and Regulation of FoxJ1 During Craniofacial/Tooth Morphogenesis (co-authors: Amen M, Wang J, Cavender AC, D'Souza R, Akerland M, Brody SL, Hjalt TA, Amendt BA).


Por YC, Barcelo CR, Salyer KE, Genecov DG, Troxler K, Gendler E, Elsalanty ME, Opperman LA. Bone generation in the reconstruction of a supersize calvarial defect in a canine model.  J Craniofac Surg 19:383-392, 2008.

Other News

Dr. Bob Hutchins attended an ADA National Board Part I Testlet Committee meeting in Chicago April 28-30.

Dr. Robert Hinton attended the Evidence-Based Dentistry Champions Conference sponsored by the American Dental Association May 2-3 and the 3rd International Conference on Evidence-Based Dentistry May 4 in Chicago.

Dr. Avadhesh Sharma served as the oral session chair of the Periodontal Research Session at the AADR annual meeting in Dallas April 2-5.

During the Experimental Biology meeting in San Diego, Dr. Kathy Svoboda attended the American Association of Anatomists executive board meeting and presented the top society award, the Henry Gray Scientific Achievement Award, at the AAA Awards banquet.

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery


Alexander RE, Grogan DM. Management of dental patients with obstructive lung diseases. Tex Dent J 125: 228-240, 2008.



Drs. Celeste M. Abraham, William W. Hallmon and Francisco Rivera-Hidalgo presented an interdisciplinary seminar in the Department of Periodontics at the Universidad Quetzalcoatl Irapuato in Irapuato, Mexico, April 16-20. The audience included faculty, residents and dental students. Abraham presented "An Overview of Stomatology,” “Factitial Injuries” and “The Use of the VELscope in the Dental Clinic.” Hallmon spoke on "Understanding Diabetes and Diabetes Control."  Rivera-Hidalgo presented a course on "Infection Control in Periodontics.”

Other News

Congratulations to Dr. Miles Beach, who just completed a yearlong program with the ADEA Leadership Institute Class of 2008! The ADEA Leadership Institute is designed to develop the nation’s most promising individuals at academic dental institutions to become future leaders in dental and higher education.

Public Health Sciences

Other News

Dr. Kenneth A. Bolin was invited to attend the Evidence-Based Dentistry Champions Conference at the American Dental Association headquarters in Chicago May 2-3.  The conference organizers invited key stakeholders from private practice, academia and public health agencies for training in EBD practices. EBD Champions will be seeking opportunities to promote, support, network and disseminate information with other health professionals including evidence-based dentistry, evidence-based clinical decision support and evidence-based resources.  More information can be found at  HYPERLINK "http://www.ada.org/prof/resources/ebd/index.asp" http://www.ada.org/prof/resources/ebd/index.asp

Congratulations to Dr. Ritu Bansal, who attended the National Oral Health Conference in Miami, Fla., April 28-30 where she took the certification exam given by the American Board of Dental Public Health. She passed the exam and is now a Diplomate in the specialty of dental public health.