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Puttaiah extends infection control education to India

Dr. Raghnath PuttaiahDr. Raghunath Puttaiah, director of infection control and associate professor in diagnostic sciences at HSC-BCD, collaborated with Dr. Anil Kohli, president of the Dental Council of India, to write the official text that will serve as the Dental Safety Standards for India.  Distributed through the Dental Council of India, the publication is titled “Dental Infection Control & Occupational Safety Recommendations for Oral Health Professionals.”

India’s Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh released these standards in the form of a Book/DCI Publication at his residence in New Delhi during a book release ceremony Sept. 28, 2007. Approximately 20,000 copies are being distributed and a pdf version is available on the Dental Council's Web site for free download by the more than 100,000 dentists in India. The publication will be included in the curriculum of about 14,000 students per year in 250 dental schools in India.

“So far I have trained about 500 faculty from different schools in India, and I am going to be training about 2,000 dentists in July in a one-day program,” says Puttaiah. “The next step is capacity building in making India self-reliant in infection control and safety.”