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Employee Profile - March 2009

Julian GarzaAs Julian Garza, delivery and receiving assistant, went about his work during his final week Feb. 23 at HSC-Baylor College of Dentistry, he knew exactly what he would and wouldn’t miss during retirement.

Garza knew he’d miss the friendly people, “the smiling faces” at HSC-BCD. He would not, however, miss the daily grind in rush hour.

“It will probably be strange in the mornings, not being stuck in traffic on the freeways,” he says.

Instead he’ll find mornings filled with family, relaxation and whatever he chooses.

Garza started at the college in 2003 in a part-time position. He became full time one year later. He says he wishes he could stay longer, but is retiring because he has arthritis in his legs, which began interfering with his job duties. Those included delivering shipments throughout the college – lifting and pushing boxes piled high onto a flatbed cart.

In both Garza’s life and career, he hasn’t strayed far from his roots. He was born in Fort Worth and raised in Dallas.

“I’m an original cowboy and became a city slicker,” he says.

Before he worked at HSC-BCD, he spent 15 years as a maintenance engineer at the Crescent Court Hotel in Dallas.

Julian Garza - 2Now his plans include rest, relaxation and activities with his family. He says he’ll probably spend some of his time “piddling in the garage” in his home in north Mesquite. He’ll also help care for his two grandchildren, Christopher and Gabriella, as they grow into teenagers.

Garza says he will enjoy spending more time with his wife, Linda. Good timing: their 40th anniversary is coming up in July.

What colleagues say about Garza:

Vicki Russell, patient appointment associate in periodontics: It has been a pleasure to work with Julian. He always made a point to stop by on his delivery rounds to say hello. He is always pleasant and willing to help out in any way. He has a great sense of humor and a wonderful personality. He was great at his job. He will be missed.

Kimberly Southern, clinical services manager in Advanced Education and General Dentistry: Julian is the best and I’m really going to miss him. Everyone could say how efficient he was but I will miss his smile the most. No matter how busy he was he was always pleasant and helpful. Never too busy to say hi or brighten my day. I’ll miss him but I’m happy that he gets to relax and enjoy the fruits of his labor with his family. Besides, I see him every time I go shopping anyway! Enjoy your retirement, Julian. You are going to be very, very hard to replace.