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Ganjoor TDHA delegate

GanjoorJunior dental hygiene student Shahriela Ganjoor was elected as alternate student delegate to the Texas Dental Hygienists’ Association during the TDHA student annual session Feb. 5-7 in Houston.

As TDHA alternate student delegate, Ganjoor will work closely with the Texas Dental Hygienists' Association to express student opinion and learn about the professional organization. She will attend quarterly TDHA board meetings and participate at the TDHA annual session in September 2009, where, if the student delegate is unable, she will vote on behalf of all Texas dental hygiene students at the TDHA house of delegates. 

Only one student is elected as TDHA student delegate and one as alternate student delegate. Their terms last until the next TDHA student annual session in February 2010.

Ganjoor was one of 27 HSC-BCD dental hygiene students who attended the TDHA student annual session (see story in Student Scene).