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Sharon McDowell tribute

Sharon McDowellTexas A&M Health Science Center Baylor College of Dentistry mourns the loss of Sharon McDowell, switchboard operator.

McDowell passed away Feb. 21 at age 49. She is remembered as a dependable employee and good friend.

Officially, McDowell joined the HSC-BCD staff in 1994 as the switchboard operator. However, she was a familiar face in the college long before then as a contract employee with ABM Industries. Her hard work got her noticed by Dale Christensen, facilities services executive director.

 “It was her attitude that got her in the operator position,” Christensen says. “She was one of the most reliable employees I’ve had.”

McDowell’s colleagues also remember when she successfully transitioned into a full-time staff member.

“I knew Sharon for many, many years,” says Dr. Ernie S. Lacy, student development director. “As a contract worker, she pursued her career and was persistent in that pursuit until she was hired as an operator. Her job changed but her lovely personality remained the same.”

McDowell received an award in 2004 for her 10-year service to the college, presented by Dr. James S. Cole, HSC-BCD dean.

McDowell also is remembered for her smile and her concern for others.

“She was always pleasant; always had a smile,” says Carl “Peewee” Williams, facilities services technician. “If you had something bad going on in your life, she’d say a prayer for you.”

“She was a beautiful person who always gave a smile and a hug when I saw her,” Lacy says.

McDowell grew up in Dallas, where she met and married her husband, Kenneth. They have two daughters, Shareda and Kanessia, and eight grandchildren.