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Orthodontics image The Department of Orthodontics is seeking patients to fill the necessary patient pool for the incoming resident class. The department is encouraging faculty and staff members to consider HSC-BCD for their children’s orthodontic care.

Fees for orthodontic treatment at the college are approximately 50 percent lower than at a private orthodontic practice. Additionally, employees of HSC-BCD and their eligible dependents are entitled to a discount.

Treatment in the college’s orthodontic clinic is performed by highly qualified residents under the direct supervision of experienced faculty members.

Ideal candidates are between the ages of 9 and 17 with good oral hygiene. A patient’s treatment needs should reflect the educational needs of the residents. A free screening appointment can determine if a potential candidate is ready for orthodontic care.

For more information on HSC-BCD orthodontic services or becoming a patient, contact Dru Lewis, clinic manager in orthodontics, at Ext. 8969.