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Texas A&M Health Science Center Baylor College Of Dentistry Employee Profile


Janet Pledger (top, left) with Jennifer Horn, patient
services coordinator in General Dentistry, and her
husband, Stephen.

It is hard not to like the sweet-natured Janet Pledger, admissions coordinator. A longtime employee, she has helped hundreds of students who have come through the college. She is friendly, helpful, hardworking and always smiling.

Hometown:  Mesquite, Texas

Place I'd like to live/retire:  I would like to buy an RV and do lots of traveling when I retire.

Role model: My mom!

Personal motto:  Life is all about change. If things are not going the way you want them to right now then do something about it.  Set goals and work toward making the changes that you want to have happen.

Best thing about my job or BCD:  Getting to meet new applicants each year and then seeing them get into our dental school

Career highlight:  Having dental students come up to me and tell me how much I helped them get into dental school.  This is especially meaningful when it is a student who had to apply for several years and I advised them on ways they might improve their application.

If I weren’t at BCD, I’d …:  be fishing.

Life philosophy: Pray to God but start paddling toward shore.

Pet peeve: People who complain about their lives but do nothing to make changes

Favorite vacation destination: The Brazos River – camping near Hearne, Texas

Dream car: One with a chauffeur

Favorite hobby: Reading

Word that best describes me: Dependable

Favorite comfort food: My dad’s chicken and dumplings made from scratch

Something you might not know about me: In college, I did a semester abroad program and lived in Rome, Italy, for three months.

Top two passions: My family and traveling

What my colleagues say about me:

Moira Allen, director of student affairs: Janet Pledger demonstrates the highest level of professional commitment and competency in her work with potential students and their families, current students and her colleagues. She has a caring and friendly attitude and is quick to say “May I help?” when there is a task to be done and never stops to check her job specs to see if it is her “duty.”  She gives freely of her personal time to help others make events for our students a success. Janet exemplifies the spirit of the BCD family!

Barbara Miller, executive director of recruitment and admissions: Janet is a joy to work with. She is one of the most dedicated BCD employees that I have known during my 24 years working here. Janet’s organizational skills and people skills help to make my job easier and a lot of fun! When I moved to this office a few years ago, I had a lot to learn in a short time, and Janet was my teacher. This job would have been overwhelming for me without her patient help and good-natured manner. Also, there are many dentists, dental students and prospective dental students that owe the start of their dental career to Janet’s counseling. She cares about BCD, the dental profession and the people involved with it all. I consider myself lucky to have her as a colleague and a friend.

Janie Villarreal, administrative assistant in student development: I have known Janet for 16 years; we worked together for 10 years in admissions. Janet is a dedicated and responsible employee always willing to go the extra mile. While working together, we encountered some very interesting learning experiences. We can now sit back and enjoy those memories. She is a good friend.