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Dr. Mari Koike presented “Properties characterization of cast titanium alloys for dental applications” at the Ti-2008 Science and Technology Conference organized by the Society for Titanium Alloys in Dentistry in Tokushima, Japan, Feb. 15-16. The presentation was coauthored by Dr. Toru Okabe, who also attended the conference.

Biomedical Sciences


Elsalanty ME, Por YC, Genecov DG, Salyer KE, Wang Q, Barcelo CR, Troxler K, Gendler E, Opperman LA. 2008 Recombinant human BMP-2 enhances the effects of materials used for reconstruction of large cranial defects. J Oral Maxillofac Surg 66: 277-85.

Kramer PR, Guan G, Zhou Z, Hu Z, Bellinger LL. Selective blockage of the rat brain aqueduct with thermogelling hydrogel nanoparticle dispersion. Physiol Behav 93: 546-552, 2008.

Other News

Dr. Jian “Jerry” Feng was invited to visit the University of Western Australia in Perth, Australia, as a Raine Visiting Professor for several weeks in March 2008. He was invited by the Raine Medical Research Foundation and the School of Surgery and Pathology’s Centre for Orthopaedic Research. During this visiting professorship, Feng will lecture to the students, guide the graduate student and postdoctoral fellows in their research and interact with faculty members on several collaborative projects.

Restorative Sciences

Other News

Cobb & MillerDr. Stanton Cobb had a one-man art show and entertained the citizens of Spearman, Texas, as the keynote speaker at the town’s annual Chamber of Commerce banquet Jan. 19.

Cobb served as the entertainment for the American Academy of Restorative Dentistry’s annual luncheon meeting Feb. 23 at The Drake Hotel in Chicago.

Cobb and his wife Pam hosted the national board of trustees and leadership of the Christian Medical and Dental Associations in their home Jan. 24. The Cobbs cooked steaks for the 30 guests from around the country.