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Employee Profile

Terry Grayson

 Terry Grayson

In a far corner of the basement, Terry Grayson, shipping and receiving associate, works diligently to maintain the essentials that HSC-BCD staff and students need every day. From mail to deliveries, Terry keeps the college well-supplied – and always with a smile.

Hometown:  Big D

Place I'd like to live/retire:
  Surfside, Texas

Role model: My parents. I’ve learned a lot from them. For somebody unrelated to me, it would be Joel Osteen.

Personal motto:  Don’t take the little things for granted.

Best thing about my job or BCD:  The people at my job are like my extended family.

Career highlight:  Walking up and shaking hands with Dr. Cole, our dean, and receiving my five-year certificate of appreciation at Eddie Deen’s. Great food, had fun.

If I weren’t at BCD, I’d …:  like to have joined the Coast Guard.

Life philosophy: Don’t worry about things you don’t have, and enjoy what you do have.

Pet peeve: People who complain or whine a lot. And rude drivers.

Favorite vacation destination:
Galveston. I also loved the Universal Studios tour in California.

Dream car: ’66 Ford Galaxy 500 with mag wheels

Favorite hobby: Reading

Word that best describes me:

Favorite comfort food: Caviar or Pecan Pie

Something you might not know about me: There is not really anywhere at the State Fair of Texas that I haven’t worked as security from 1976 to 1994.

Top two passions: Pig races and British accents

What my colleagues say about me:

Debbie Ruff, manager of purchasing: Terry enjoys his job very much. He is a dedicated,  hard worker and is willing to help anyone at anytime. He speaks of his children and grandchildren with great admiration. He has a great sense of humor and keeps everyone laughing with his jokes and numerous stories. Everyone here in the college really enjoys working with Terry and listening to those stories.

Jackie Touch, senior dental dispensing technician in clinical affairs: Terry is very helpful, outgoing and easy to get along with.

Leliane Vicente, dental assistant II in professional services: You mean, TERRY GRAYSON?!? Hmm…lem’me see…besides being the most popular guy at BCD (second to Julian Garza…hehehe…just kidding), Terry will always give you wonderful service with a warm smile. I’ve cried on his shoulders once or twice in the past, and believe me, he may not have the biggest shoulders, but they’re padded so there is plenty of room for your tears to run through. Everybody loves Terry Grayson, I know I do; I could say he’s one of my very good friends.