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Kathleen Muzzin


Kathleen MuzzinAs an associate professor in dental hygiene, Kathleen Muzzin has been with Texas A&M Health Science Center Baylor College of Dentistry for 20 years.

Muzzin teaches undergraduate students theory of dental hygiene practice II and applied dental materials. She teaches graduate students a special care patient seminar.

Muzzin also supervises the dental hygiene students working in the college’s special care clinic. It’s her work there she enjoys the most. Her favorite memories are helping special needs patients and seeing her students “mature into empathetic health care providers.”

The dental hygiene faculty members are another highlight of Muzzin’s career.

“They are a superb group to work with,” she says.

Muzzin’s children and her husband, Matt, are an important part of her life and why she’s stayed with HSC-Baylor College of Dentistry for 20 years. The college gave her the opportunity to work part time, which was especially important to her when her children were young.

Muzzin spends much of her free time attending her kids’ many sports activities. She also enjoys snow skiing.