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Dr. Robert Hinton


Dr. Robert HintonAs professor in biomedical sciences, Dr. Robert Hinton has been employed at Texas A&M Health Science Center Baylor College of Dentistry for 25 years.

Hinton researches the temporomandibular joint and is a principal investigator in the college’s NIH R25 grant, “CUSPID,” Clinicians Using Science to Produce Inspired Dentists.

It is within the college’s research capabilities that Hinton has seen the biggest change since he arrived. The facilities, he says, are “light years better” from the labs he used in 1983. He names Dr. James S. Cole, Dr. David Carlson and Dr. Rena D’Souza as leaders who ushered in new labs and additional research faculty.

Hinton’s favorite memory is one of mistaken identity. He was recruited at the same time as another faculty member within his department, and both men wore beards. He says this led to them being confused with each other and being called “those two guys with beards in anatomy.” Even the yearbook switched their names once. For years, Hinton says some faculty and staff called him the other name, and he sometimes answered to it.