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Dr. Jun Cho

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Dr. Jun Cho

Dr. Jun Cho, associate professor in periodontics, has been a faculty member at Texas A&M Health Science Center Baylor College of Dentistry for 40 years.

In the course of his career, Cho has published six illustrated dental manuals. The first, Atlas of Surgical Periodontal Therapy, was the fruit of Cho’s efforts to supplement his teaching.

“The reason I started [sketching] was, many years ago, we had to prepare slides,” he says. “The students learn better from seeing an illustration, so I started drawing my slides. Soon after, other faculty asked me to draw slides for them.”

Cho’s slide collection grew, and at the suggestion of Dr. William Hurt, who was then chair of the periodontics department, he compiled them into a manual. Today the manual is in its third edition and is used at HSC-BCD and many other dental schools across the country.

Another of Cho’s books, the Surgical Manual of Implant Dentistry, has been translated into five languages and is in its second edition. He also has published a manual about scaling and root planning.

However, Cho is quick to credit the entire periodontics department for the books' production.

“The department has done a lot of work on those; we’re proud,” he says. “Without the department’s support, it would not be possible to print the manuals or sponsor the Korean exchange program.”

Cho refers to an exchange program established with the Korean dental society. His department hosts several Korean dentists annually for a one-year residency in periodontics. Recently, the program expanded so participants can extend their time another year to study orthodontics or prosthodontics. Cho estimates 35 to 40 dentists have participated since the program began. He also directs a weeklong continuing education course at the college each October for Korean dentists.

Teaching, Cho says, is a favorite part of his job.

“I enjoy the special contact I get with students in the clinic,” he says. “I enjoy watching them; they learn so quickly.”

Cho and his wife, Duckil, have been married 43 years. Their son, Dr. David Cho, graduated from HSC-BCD in 1999 and is practicing general dentistry in New Jersey.