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Walther Third-year dental student Russell Walther traveled to Beijing, China, Oct. 29 – Nov. 2 to participate in Forum 11, the annual meeting of the Global Forum for Health Research, an international nongovernmental organization whose mission is to focus research efforts on the health of the poor.

Walther was selected to attend the meeting after receiving an honorable mention for his essay titled “A novel economic approach to solving the 10/90 gap.” This he entered in the Young Voices in Research for Health 2007, a joint project of the Global Forum and The Lancet, an independent medical newspaper. The theme of the competition was “Equitable access: research challenges for health in developing countries.”

Walther’s essay was selected from among 289 entries representing 60 different countries and 64 nationalities. Of the entries, five were selected as winners and another 35 – including Walther’s – were short-listed. All 40 selected essays were published in The Lancet online.

 During the Beijing meeting, Walther and nine other essay participants presented their papers at a session hosted by The Lancet’s editor and chief Richard Horton.

“I took from the conference a renewed interest in public health work abroad,” says Walther.