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              JoAnn Scofield
     Teaching Excellence Award

The annual Faculty Retreat was held Jan. 3 at the Center for Community Cooperation in Dallas. The theme of this year’s retreat was “Engaging the link between basic science and clinical decision-making.”

Featured speaker Dr. Joan Phelan, chair of oral pathology at New York University College of Dentistry, presented “Linking basic science and clinical decision-making” and “NYU: A model for evidence-based dentistry.”

 Paul Dechow
              Dr. Paul Dechow
         Service Excellence Award
Faculty awards were presented to JoAnn Scofield, assistant professor in dental hygiene, and Dr. Paul Dechow, graduate program director and professor in biomedical sciences. Scofield received The Teaching Excellence Award, and Dechow received the Service Excellence Award.

Three breakout sessions were presented by HSC-BCD faculty members. “Basic science and clinical decision-making: linkage in the BCD curriculum,” was presented by Drs. Robert Spears, assistant professor in biomedical sciences; Amp Miller, professor and director of curriculum in academic affairs; and Mark Gannaway, professor in restorative sciences. “Designing case-based vignettes,” was presented by Drs. Dechow; Robert Hinton, professor in biomedical sciences; and Bob Hutchins, associate professor in biomedical sciences. In addition, Drs. Peter Buschang, professor in orthodontics, and N. Sue Seale, professor and chair of pediatric dentistry, presented “Clinical applications of evidence-based dentistry.”

Buschang also spoke on the ADEA Commission on Change and Innovation. Drs. Dan Jones, professor and chair of public health sciences; Rena D’Souza, professor and chair of biomedical sciences; Hinton and Dechow presented an overview of the proposal, “Oral health research education.”