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Texas A&M Health Science Center Baylor College Of Dentistry Employee Profile


Dwight Williams

                                     Dwight and Dimple Williams
Well-dressed and cordial, human resources analyst Dwight Williams is a new but dedicated member of the Texas A&M Health Science Center Baylor College of Dentistry staff. His shining personality and sense of humor endear him to his colleagues. Above all, he is devoted to his family and his faith.

Dallas (Westside)

Place I'd like to live/retire: Right here in Dallas

Role model:
My father-in-law (Superintendent Andrew Ingram) an awesome individual you have to meet

Personal motto: A man reaps what he sows.

Best thing about my job or BCD:
I love the diversity of people I have the opportunity to communicate with daily.

Career highlight:
Becoming the senior pastor at my church

If I weren’t at BCD, I’d …: be a Chaplain at BUMC.

Life philosophy: Life consists of 10% what happens to you, and 90% how you re-act to it.

Pet peeve:
who are constantly negative

Favorite vacation destination:
I’m still searching.

Dream car: Rolls Royce Bentley

Favorite hobby:
Playing pool

Word that best describes me: Patient

Favorite comfort food: Just about everything

Something you might not know about me: I am a former Golden Gloves Champ (really).

Top two passions:
My family, my church

What my colleagues say about me:

Dr. Charles Berry, associate dean for academic affairs: Even though I have known Dwight for a short while, it is easy to understand his commitment and dedication to his work, his relationships and his attention to detail.  He is very easy to get to know as he is friendly, polite, courteous, helpful, encouraging and responsive.  I am confident that you will also discern these same qualities as you get to know him.  All of the BCD employees are special, and Dwight embodies the esprit de corps that makes working here a good experience and like being part of a family.  In summary, Mr. Dwight Williams is a positive contributor to the HR Office and effectively represents the interests of all the employees at BCD.

Pat Lopez, director of human resources: Dwight is a dedicated employee, a skilled HR analyst and a responsible professional at the college.  He is a competent individual with excellent interpersonal skills, allowing him to work well with all customers and displaying flexibility in his approach to people. I appreciate Dwight’s contributions and dedication to the human resources department, as they result in a better working life for our employees and a critical support for the college and the HSC.

Dr. Claude Williams, director of community outreach: I really enjoy the daily greetings of Dwight as we pass in the hallways.  His winning personality creates an atmosphere of confidence and efficiency.