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HSC-BCD remembers John Thompson

John ThompsonTexas A&M Health Science Center Baylor College of Dentistry mourns the loss of John Thompson, print shop supervisor, who passed away Dec. 20. He was 72.

Thompson joined the HSC-BCD staff in 1989 as the lead printing technician and became the print shop supervisor in 1998. He is remembered as a dedicated employee and good friend.

Colleagues share their memories:

"John Thompson embodies the attributes of an exemplary employee. He has faithfully served the college in the capacity of supervisor of printing in an effective manner through the years. It is safe to say that anyone who knew and worked with John recognized his care, concern and attention to detail so necessary for his position. In addition to his work-related attributes, John was a person who was genuine in his relationships with others and, from my perspective, will be greatly missed."

- Dr. Charles Berry, associate dean of academic affairs

"Words to describe JT...funny, sincere, generous, loving, caring, fashionable, energetic, playful, always complimentary and friend to all. Oh yeah...and fragrant too! Ah yes...one always knew when John had been in the office, hallway or elevator because of the trail he left behind. I loved to tease him about how he must refresh his cologne as often as ladies touch up their lipstick. He would laugh and agree. I will always cherish these memories and I smile when I think about them. I will miss his laugh most of all. It didn't take much to get him to do just that."

- Ana Charles, administrative coordinator in media resources

"When John and I joined the college the same year, desktop publishing was still gaining a foothold and affordable color printing was much less accessible. John's printing expertise allowed dental school employees to produce pieces that would have been unaffordable with an outside vendor. In the early years, John even used his one-color press to produce the dean's full-color Christmas card - a painstaking and time-consuming process. John always impressed me with his cheerful willingness to make any project work; he was very resourceful. He brought an amazing work ethic to his job that invited respect from everyone who interacted with him. Equally important, he was kind, helpful, ready with a smile and infinitely likeable. I miss him deeply."

- Carolyn Cox, publications manager in communications & institutional advancement

"John was a dedicated, hard-working employee who was one of the true bright lights of Baylor. We were lucky to have his light shine upon us over the many years he was here. Our world is a little bit darker now that he is gone."

- Scott Frederick, director of media resources

Thompson 2"John was the best-dressed man at Baylor College of Dentistry. Such a sharp dresser. I miss his wild shirts. I miss his smile. John was always smiling and laughing and joking. He seemed to be in a perpetual good mood. I miss his stories of ‘back in the day' when he worked at Bishop College; history lessons of the best kind. It is just not the same around here without him."

 - Patti Haskins, graphic specialist in media resources


"John Thompson was always a stylish man, with a ready smile and personality to match. I will miss the way he and I would kiddingly coach each other on our posture and encroaching signs of aging while complimenting each others' efforts to look presentable. His sense of humor and graciousness stayed with him as he made his rounds even during the struggles of his final days at the college."

- Dean Hudson, associate dean of clinical affairs

"When I reflect on John Thompson, I see his big happy grin. John was a gifted printer who made my life as a graphic designer at Baylor simple and easy. I will remember John as the kindest, most gracious person I've ever had the pleasure to work with. No job was too difficult or too late... and MOST were difficult and late. He'd say; ‘Don't worry Mary, we'll get it done on time,' and we always did. John loved to serve and he did so with sweet, humble kindness. He was very appreciative of my work and provided a compliment on each and every assignment. John is irreplaceable. He is deeply missed and I carry him in my heart and prayers daily."

- Mary Noon, graphic specialist in media resources

"I was always calling John about the first-floor copier outside the offices of clinical affairs needing paper or having some major paper jam. As old as the copier was, John managed to somehow get it fixed. We knew it was on its last leg, but John kept calling the service department and made sure the copier was in running condition. He would never say anything when he got to the copier, but I could smell him (he loved his cologne). I would yell out, ‘John is that you?'"

- Annette Pearson, administrative coordinator in clinical affairs

"Mr. John Thompson was a one-of-a-kind man and one who will never be forgotten. I worked with him on multiple printing projects on a daily basis and got to know him pretty well. I do not think that I have ever met a man who was so devoted to his family first (especially his wife and the twins - who could forget the twins; they were his pride and joy) and his job second. I thank God for giving me the opportunity to have worked with this wonderful man. God bless his family."

- Gracie Perez, patient service manager in clinical affairs

"It was a pleasure to have worked with John. He was very humble, just down-to-earth. He was a wonderful, caring person; if there was anything he could do for you, he would. He was a beautiful person, inside and out. I will miss him."

- Claudia Rubalcado, copier technician

Media Resources Staff