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Student research

Eight dental students and Dr. Robert Spears, associate professor in biomedical sciences, attended the Hinman National Student Research Symposium at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center College of Dentistry Oct. 31 – Nov. 2.

Student research group

The symposium offered the students an opportunity to share their posters and oral presentations with others in dental research.

D3 student Joseph Kayne gave an oral research presentation. Other D3 students Amber Ansari, Vikram Gandhi, Nora Kweik, Mark Martinsen and Purvi Patel gave poster research presentations. D2 students Harold Kamara and Niyati Mehta also presented posters.

The students attended a banquet that featured a nationally acclaimed speaker and presentations of top awards. Spears, acting as American Association for Dental Research/National Student Research Group faculty adviser, and Mehta, vice president-elect, presented some of the awards.

The HSC-BCD students were chosen to attend the symposium based on their presentations at the college’s Research Day last March.

Following are the students’ research presentations:

  • Ansari A (mentored by Dr. Mahyar Nouri-Shirazi, former assistant professor in biomedical sciences). “Nicotine affects anti-tumor immunity elicited by therapeutic vaccine.”
  • Gandhi V (mentored by Dr. Chunlin Qin, assistant professor in biomedical sciences). “Distribution of SIBLING proteins in condylar cartilage of rat mandible.”
  • Kayne J (mentored by Dr. Lynne Opperman, professor in biomedical sciences). “Egf receptor inhibitor sc-120 disrupts Tgf-ß2 activity in sutures.”
  • Patel P (mentored by Dr. Paul Dechow, professor in biomedical sciences). “Microstructural correlates of anisotropy in human zygomatic cortical bone.”
  • Martinsen M, Kweik N (mentored by Drs. Dan Jones and K. Rankin, professors in public health sciences). “Support of clinical dental faculty for tobacco cessation training.”
  • Kamara H (mentored by Dr. Jayne Reuben, assistant professor in biomedical sciences). “Estrogen effects on signaling in trigeminal ganglion during TMJ inflammation.”
  • Mehta N (mentored by Opperman). “Comparison of histology techniques used for histomorphometry of cranial defects.”