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Honor society anniversary

The college's Odontological Honor Society is celebrating its 50th anniversary this month and will commemorate with a reception to coincide with Southwest Dental Conference and the Alumni Association reception.

Odontological Honor SocietyIn 1959, 22 charter members of the Odontological Honor Society were chosen by faculty department chairs. Each chair appointed one senior and one junior student to start the society. 

Today, membership consists of third- and fourth-year dental students whose academic standing is in the upper 25 percent of their class. Selection is made by fourth-year members and is based on scholarship, character, leadership and faculty recommendation. 

The society's primary purpose is to provide members an opportunity to meet outstanding individuals in fields related to dentistry. It also is a means for members to supplement their education beyond the formal dental curriculum.

The society will host a "come and go" reception Jan. 23 at the Adolphus Hotel in Dallas from 5-6:30 p.m. All current and former members are invited to attend.  For more information, contact Audrey Stansbury at (972) 824-4340 or astansbury@bcd.tamhsc.edu  or Dr. Stanley Ashworth at sashworth@bcd.tamhsc.edu  or (214) 828-8448.

Charter members of the Odontological Honor Society at HSC-BCD:

Reed L. Adams, Grant M. Christensen, Stephen G. Curtis, Joe H. Dowdy, William D. Gaither, James H. Granberry, David B. Haag, Clay Henry, Joe C. Hodges, Gene Huff, W. Boyd Lee, Earl E. Novak, Sherwood B. Owens, James E. Puckett, Jack D. Sherrer, W. Duane Snell, H. McElreath Stiles, Ruth R. Swords, Robert M. Vorderlandewehr, Barvo N. Walker, Myles B. Welborn, Jr. and James H. Williams.