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Dr. Rena D’Souza was invited to give the plenary address at the IADR Chinese Division and Chinese Stomatological Association 8th Annual Scientific Meeting and the 7th National Young Dentist Conference in Xi’an, China, Sept. 13-17. She also gave an invited presentation at the Peking University School of Stomatology Sept. 11-12.

Dr. Lynne Opperman presented a paper titled “Developing devices and procedures for healing extra-large bone defects in the craniofacial region” at the 9th International Conference on the Chemistry and Biology of Mineralized Tissues Nov. 4-8 in Austin, Texas. The paper is authored by Elsalanty ME, Zackary I, Por Y-C, Barcelo CR, Genecov DG, Salyer KE, Opperman LA.

The following were presented at the Society for Neuroscience annual meeting Nov. 3-7 in San Diego:

  • Bellinger LL, Hutchins B, Spears R, Kramer PR. The effects of various levels of 17β-estradiol (E2) on the magnitude of temporomandibular joint induced pain.
  • Kramer PR, Hutchins B, Spears R, Bellinger LL. The effects of various levels of progesterone on the magnitude of temporomandibular joint induced pain.
  • Dr. Avadhesh C. Sharma, Dr. Padmalaya Das and Mani Chopra attended the third Annual Research Retreat of the Cardiovascular Research Institute at the HSC College of Medicine in Temple, Texas, Oct. 11-12.
All HSC components were represented at the meeting, where Das presented a poster and Chopra gave an oral presentation. Sharma was a member of the organizing committee and also chaired a section titled “Ischemic heart disease.” Das and Sharma presented the following:
  • Chopra M, Sharma AC. Norepinephrine and myocardial apoptosis during sepsis.
  • Das P, Sharma AC. Sepsis affects the expression of Syntaxin1A and Norepinephrine transporter in the myocardium.


Dacy JA, Minevski Z, Nelson C, Hallmon W, Kerns D, Opperman LA. Effects of phosphated titanium on osseoinduction. Int. J Oral Maxillofac Implants 22: 701-709, 2007.

JDR Cover 01 Galler KM, Yasue A, Cavendar AC, Bialek P, Karsenty G, D’Souza RN. A novel role for Twist-1 in pulp homeostasis. J Dent Res. 2007 86(10): 951-955. (cover page feature)

Genecov DG, Kremer M, Agarwal R, Salyer KE, Barcelo CR, Aberman HM, Opperman LA. Norian craniofacial repair system compatibility with resorbable and non-resorbable plating materials. Plastic Reconstr Surg 120: 1487-1495, 2007.

Maciejewska I, Dziewiatkowski J, Spodnik E. Lucja Frey: A pioneering physician in tragic times. Clin Anat 20(6): 588-590, 2007. (cover page feature)

JDR Cover 02 Qin C, D’Souza RN, Feng JQ. Dentin matrix protein 1 (DMP1): New and important roles for biomineralization and phosphate homeostasis. J Dent Res 86(12): 1134-1141, 2007. (cover page feature)

Rawlins JT, Opperman LA. Tgf-β2 in Cranial Suture Development and Patency. In: Sharpe P, ed. Frontiers in Oral Biology Vol. 12 – Craniofacial Sutures Development, Diseases and Treatment. 177-195. Basel, Switzerland: Karger, 2007.

Other News

Dr. Larry Bellinger serves on the editorial board for the journal Physiology and Behavior, for which he recently attended a board meeting.

Several members of the department attended the ninth International Conference on the Chemistry and Biology of Mineralized Tissues. BMS faculty in attendance included Drs. Paul Dechow, Rena D’Souza, Kersten Galler, Jay Groppe, Hitesh Kapadia, Izabela Maciejewska, Lynne Opperman, Chunlin Qin and Yao Sun.

At the conference, Qin won an award for best poster presentation and Maciejewska was a recipient of the Junior Investigator Award.

 Qin qward Maciejewska award
             Qin awarded best poster presentation
        Maciejewska receives Junior Investigator Award

Communications and Development

The department hosted several public relations students from the University of Texas at Arlington chapter of the Public Relations Student Society of America Oct. 29 at the college. The students learned about the role of the communications team at the dental school and career opportunities in the nonprofit sector.

Planning and Assessment


Dr. Ann McCann gave a presentation titled “Factors influencing the diffusion of an assessment innovation on a university campus” on Oct. 8 at the Women in Educational Leadership Conference in Lincoln, Neb. The presentation was about a two-year case study of the implementation of a centralized assessment system on a university campus.

Other News

On Oct. 9, McCann successfully defended her dissertation at the University of Nebraska Lincoln. Her dissertation was a reporting of the above-described case study.

Public Health Sciences

Other News

Leeanna Bartlett has been appointed to the committee responsible for developing the 2008-2009 Statewide Coordinated Statement of Need mandated by the Health Resources and Services Administration for the HIV/AIDS population. As a representative, she’ll act as a key informant for the dental component of the Ryan White CARE Act, working collaboratively with the Department of State Health Services. She will help identify significant cross-cutting issues, gaps and overlaps in services and strategies to address the relevant issues related to the service system in Texas. 

Bartlett has been named to the Garland Independent School District’s Career and Technical Education Program Advisory board.